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President Institute of Sikh Studies Constituted the Following Working Groups

Working Groups for tackling contemporary challenges and for "The Sikh Dynamic Vision for 21st Century" Document

The President IOSS presented a tentative framework listing five categories of challenges-Institutional, Ethical, Doctrinal, Political and Socio-Cultural. The E.C approved the approach and authorized the President IOSS to constitute the required Working Groups/Task forces for in-depth study and to come up with their recommendations.

The following Groups are constituted:
1. Bhai Ashok Singh Ji assisted by Jagdev Singh Ji (Sodhi): Political Issues
2. Prof. Kirpal Singh Ji assisted by S. Gurpreet Singh: Ethical Issues
3. S. Gurcharan Siungh Ji assisted by Dr. Gurmit Singh Ji and S. Santokh Singh Ji: Institutional and Doctrinal Issues:
4. S. Mohinder Singh Ji assisted by Col. Amrik Singh Ji: Subaltern Issues
5. S. Inderjit Singh Ji assisted by S. Sadhu Singh Ji: Human Rights Issues
6. S. Gajinder Singh Ji assisted by Ishwinder Singh Ji: Socio Cultural and Media Issues
7. Dr. Hardev Singh Ji assisted by Dr. Birendra Kaur Ji: Bio-Ethical Issues
8. Bibi Baljit Kaur Ji assisted by Dr. Birendra Kaur: Gender Issues
9. Gen. Kartar Singh Ji assisted by S. Gurpreet Singh Ji: Collaboration Issues

The Group Leaders may seek assistance from any other member or even non-members of their choice.

S. Gurdev Singh Ji, S. Pritam Singh and Bibi Baljit Kaur Ji will provide assistance for coordination amongst the Working Groups and may attend meetings of the Working Groups.

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