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IOSS President’s Appeal for the Support for achieving the Aims and Objects of IOSS

The Constitution of the IOSS lists, inter-alia, the followings:

  • To encourage establishment of Centres/Groups, Fora of Sikhs at suitable places in India and abroad
  • Maintain close liaison with affliated Centers
  • Maintain contact with existing religious organizations and institutions interested in the Aims and Object of IOSS (The primary aim is to undertake studies, interpretation and circulation of Gurmat literature and to counter any attempts at misrepresentation)

IOSS, through its President, makes an earnest appeal and seeks support from individuals, existing study groups, centres etc to affliate themselves with IOSS without any financial obligation and volunteer to undertake to support IOSS in the accomplishment of its Aims and Objectives mentioned above. IOSS will do its best to provide support to such centres in the discharge of their role in the propogation of GUrmat

IOSS publishes a Quarterly Journal "Abstract Of Sikh Studies" and is very keen to bring up the concerns, problerms and aspirations of Sikh Community of Punjab, other States of India and of the Diaspora. It keenly looks forward to and awaits Articles/Essays from individuals and the representatives of the Sikh bodies for publication in the Journal.

IOSS is now putting the latest issue of the Journal on our Website: http://sikhinstitute.org/ for wider circulation. It is also keen to e-mail the Journal to those who express desire to receive it. The Journal, for the time being, is not financially self-supporting. IOSS, therefore, makes an appeal for donations from those whom SatGuru has blessed with Sikhi Seva Bhavna and the means for translating into Seva. But prior donation is not ,repeat not at all, a pre-condition for e-mailing Journal free of cost. Those who have subscribed and paid subscription have the choice of getting hard copy or through E-mail We are determined to achieve wider circulation whatever be the cost. SatGuru will grant us the strength.

IOSS needs volunteers as our local representatives for wider circulation of the Journal .

Suggestions and advice for improving the performance of IOSS are humbly invited particularly from those who have previously interacted with IOSS

I will keenly await the responses at my E-mail address: ioss.preet@gmail.com


Pritam Singh, I.A.S. (Retd)
President IOSS


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