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Constitution of Working Group on Reference Library, Sri Harmandar Sahib

As per decisin of the Core Group of IOSS with regards to various aspects of the Sikh Reference Library consequent to the Operation Blue Star, a Wrking Group is constituted under the Chairmanship of Lt. Gen. (Retd.) K.S. Gill and comprisig of the Patron of IOSS S. Gurdev Singh, and the Secy of IOSS S. Gurpreet Singh. The Working Group may coopt additional members or even kowledgeable non-members.

The terms of reference for the Group, inter-alia will include:

I. Collect information from the various sources/groups/committees as regards:

a. The details of the historical records, manuscripts and other reference material: taken away by Govt. agencies as per version of i.SGPC and of ii.Govt. Agenvcies;

b. The details of the Reference materials claimed as returned and the balace to be returned as per version of the Govt agencies based on documentary evidence as for as possible.

c. The details of the material recieved back and the balance to be recieved as per version of the SGPC based on the docuentary evidence as for as possible

II. Details of the reference material destroyed during the Operation as version of SGPC and of Govt Agencies-agency wise

III. Review of SGPC system of maintaining proper catalogue of referece material, the deficiencies if any and recommendation for proper preservation through digitization and other means.

IV. Any other aspect considered relevant for completion of their tasks.

The Working Group will submit their report as early as possible along with their definite recommendations for the follow-up action by the IOSS.

(Pritam Singh)







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