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Assignments of Seva for IOSS Programs/Activities-09

1. Finance Subcommittee:

Convener: S. Sadhu Singh

Members: S. Gajindar Singh; Dr. Birendra Kaur; Col Amrik Singh; S. Gurpreet Singh
All proposals having financial implications beyond routine expenses must be scrutinized and recommended by the Sub Committee.

2. Two Day Annual Seminar-Oct 09

i. S. Mohinder Singh: Convener for first Day: Subject: Down-Trodden Class-Sikligar, Vanjaras, Other denotified tribes with Sikh Faith, and "Schedule Castes"

ii. S. Gurcharan Singh: Convener for Second Day: Subject: Problems, Concerns and Aspirations of Sikhs living in Indian States other than Punjab.

The Conveners may associate members and Non-members of their choice to assist them. The planning and sub-themes should be worked out and first presentation made in the next EC meeting.

3. Periodic Programs targeted on Youth: Convener: S. Gurpreet Singh assisted by S. Ishwinder Singh and other members and Non-members of Convener’s choice.

4. Sub-Committee for Diploma Courses by IOSS on SGGS, Sikh History and Culture:

Convener: S. J.S Sodhi assisted by S. Sadhu Singh and Dr. Jagjit Singh and Other members or Non-members of Convener’s Choice.

According to an advice received, this will help young Missionaries to seek careers in India and abroad as teachers and preachers etc.

The Sub-Committee may explore this possibility in collaboration with any Sikh Missionary College/bodies.

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