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Executive Committee for 2010

The composition of the Executive Committee of IOSS for 2010 is:

President — Pritam Singh
Vice-President — Bibi Baljit Kaur
Secretary — Col. Amrik Singh
Joint Secretary — S. Sadhu Singh- Library and other Misc. duties
Treasurer — S Gurpreet Singh
Member — S. Gurcharan Singh ---Convenor Seminar-
Member — S. Mohinder Singh---Member i/c Issues concerning Sikligars and other Under-priviligde Sikhs

Special Invitees:

  • Bhai Ashok Singh--Member i/c Collaborations with Other Sikh organizations and acting as Spokeman for IOSS
  • Lt. Gen. Kartar Singh-- Member I/C Coordination and Collaboration amongst IOSS, ISC and KSS
  • S. Inderjit Singh Jaijee --Member i/c Issues concerning Rural Communities of Punjab
  • S. Gajindar Singh-- Member i/c Publications and as Editor AOSS Journal
  • S. J.S. Sodhi---Member i/c Campus maitenance
  • S. Raghubir Singh -- Member i/c Conferences, Workshops, Discussion Groups
  • S Santokh Singh--Member i/c Constitutional and Legal issues concerning Sikh Panth.
  • Dr. Birendra Kaur-- Member i/c Memorial Lectures -Dr. Kharak Singh Ji, Dr. Kahlon, Bhai Vir Singh Ji and other sponsored Lectures
  • S. Ishwinder Singh- Member i/c Media and Public Relations


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