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Annual Seminar

The Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh proposes to conduct a seminar on "Sikhism and Women" sometime in November 2011. The emphasis of the seminar shall be on the future, though looking at the past by way of background is acceptable.

The sub-themes have been listed below so that the speakers can chose one or more topics and elaborate on.


  1.  What is said in Gurbani about women
  2.  History of important Sikh women and their role
  3. Present status and problems regarding dowry, female foeticide, harassment at home, lack of NGOs to monitor their condition, lack of interest/involvement by women themselves
  4. What proposals are suggested to improve the condition of women?
  5. How far is education required to empower women and also to educate the men?
  6. Comparisons with sisters of advanced countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and what we can learn from them,
  7. Women and Sewa, Keertan, Management of Gurdwaras, the role and resposibility of the granthis and the management
  8. Qualities enshrined in women volunteers of 3 HO Organizations e.g., grace, tranquility, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, sophisticated behavior etc
  9. What modern women want today?
  10. The issues which may confront women in the mileu today.

  11. First, we would like you to confirm your participation. We shall like to hear your views and share your thoughts on the theme and sub-themes.

A brief of the paper of one page should be sent by October 15. The full paper, about six pages long, should be sent by the end of Oct 2011. All historical facts may be referred to suitably and Gurbani verses may be quoted wherever they occur.

The stage secretary will help you further in conducting the seminar.


Issued by
Gurcharan Singh
Convener, Seminar
Mobile 09417492026
Email: gurcharansinghsethi@yahoo.co.in



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