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Publication of books is a major activity of the Institute of Sikh Studies. The following is a list of the books published by the Institute or caused to be published through other agencies:

S No
Name of the Publication

Fundamental Issues in Sikh Studies*

Eds. Kharak Singh, et. al.
2. Recent Researches in Sikhism* Eds. J.S. Mann &
Dr Kharak Singh.
3. Sikh Tradition* Gurdev Singh.
4. The Sikh Ideologypdf format Daljeet Singh
5. Sikhism: A Comparative Study of its Theology and Mysticism* Daljeet Singh
6. Researches in Sikh Religion and History* G.S. Dhillon.


The Sikh Revolution* Jagjit Singh
8. Perspectives on Sikh Studies* Sardar Jagjit Singh
9. In the Caravan of Revolutions* Sardar Jagjit Singh
10. Anglo - Sikh Warspdf format* Karnail Singh
11. India Commits Suicidepdf format* Dr Gurdarshan Singh
12. Sikhism: An Oecumenical Religion* Sardar Kapur Singh
13. Planned Attack on Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahibpdf format* Giani Bachittar Singh
14 Essentials of Sikhism* Daljit Singh
15 Invasion of Religious Boundaries* Ed Jasbir Singh, Dr Surinder Singh, Dr G S Gill
16 Religion and Politics - The Sikh Perspective* Dr Gurdarshan Singh
17 Insights into Sikh Religion and History* Dr Gurdarshan Singh
19 Sikhism : Its Philosophy and Historypdf format Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
20 Current Thoughts on Sikhism (Rs400/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
21 Hail Hair !* Dr Birendra Kaur
22 Khalsa and the Twenty-first Century (Rs 250/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
23 Dynamics of Sikh Revolution (Rs 200/- (HB) & 150/- (PB) S Jagjit Singh
24 Sikhism and Civilisation (Rs 150/- (HB) & Rs 100/-(PB) Sardar Daljit Singh
25 Thoughts of Bhai Ardaman Singh (Rs 395/-) Compiled by Bhai Ashok Singh
26 Essays on Sikh Philosophy (Rs 100/-) Dr N Muthu Mohan
27 Episodes from Lives of the Gurus (Rs 150/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh &
Gurtej Singh
28 Current Thoughts on Sikhism (Rs 400/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
29 Tandav of the Centaur - Sikhs and Indian Secularism Gurtej Singh
30 Dasam Granth Barey (Pbi)* Principal Harbhajan Singh
31 Gurmat Chetna Camp Manual (Rs 100/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
32 Apostasy Among Sikh Youth (Rs 250/-)* Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
33 On Sikh Personal Law (Rs 75/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
34 On Gurdwara Legislation (Rs 75/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
35 Teaching Sikh Heritage to the Youth* Gurbakhsh Singh
36 Politics of Genocidepdf format* Inderjit Singh Jaijee
37 Institutional Failure in Punjab with Respect to Sikhism (Rs 100/-) Ed Dr Kirpal Singh
38 Gurbani Ka Nagari Lipyantaran : Samasyaen Aur Apekshaen (Hindi) (Rs 25/-) Dr Harkirat Singh
39 Punjab Waters - SYL Canal (Rs 75/-) Ed. Gurdev Singh
40 Importance of The Teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Present Era (Rs 40/-) Ed Dr Kirpal Singh
41 Sikhismpdf format* Daljeet Singh
42 Authenticity of Kartarpuri Bir* Daljeet Singh
43 Scramble for Punjab Waters (Rs 50/-) Gurdev Singh
44 Kalaam-e-Goya : Bhai Nand Lalpdf format (Rs 250/-) Pritpal Singh Bindra
45 Guru Granth - Guru Panth (Rs 50/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
46 Connecting the Dots in Sikh History (Rs 150/-)
Harbans Singh Noor
47 Martyrdom in Sikhismpdf format (Rs100/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
48 Sher-e-Punjab - Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Rs 25/-) Gurmukh Singh Sandhu
49 A King in Exile - Maharaja Duleep Singh (Rs 40/-) Gurmukh Singh Sandhu
50 Fragments of Half a Century (Rs 400/-) Karnail Singh

Sri Gur Panth Parkash -Vol Ipdf format (Rs 400/-)
Sri Gur Panth Parkash -Vol 2pdf format(Rs 630/-)

Tr Kulwant Singh
52 Sri Akal Takht Sahib (Rs 40/-) Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
53 Changing Demography of Punjab Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
54 State of Education in Rural Punjab Ed. Dr Kharak Singh
55 Guru Granth Sahib Sahib and Sikh Society Ed. Gajindar Singh
56 Sikhs Living in States other Than Punjab Ed. Gajindar Singh
57 Perspectives on Guru Gobind Singh Ji Ed Gajindar Singh
58 Sikhism and Women Ed Gajindar Singh
59 Gurdwara: Concept & Institutionpdf format Dr Gurdev Singh Sangha
60 Know Your Heritagepdf format Dr Dharam Singh &
Prof Kulwant Singh
61 Sri Gursobhapdf format Prof Kulwant Singh
62 Abstracts of Sikh Studies Ed. Dr Kharak Singh

* Out of print

Where Available:

1. Institute of Sikh Studies, Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Kanthala, IA Phase II, Chandigarh
2. Punjabi Prakashan, J-6/85, Rajouri Garden, Delhi 110 027
3. Singh Brothers, Bazar Mai Sewan, Amritsar, India 143 006
4. Sikh Book Centre, Model Town Extension, Ludhiana, India
5. Sikh Missionary Society, 10, Featherstone Road, Southall, UK
6. Dr R S Sandhu, Sikh Educational and Religious Foundation, PO Box 1553, Dublin (Ohio) USA, 43017

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