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  Gur Panth Parkash
Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh


Institutional Failure in Punjab with Respect to Sikhism


Missing Sikh Prisoners

Seminar 2001

Editor : Dr Kirpal Singh



Foreword   Sardar Gurdev Singh
Preface   Dr Kirpal Singh
Introduction   Dr Kirpal Singh
Part - I
Institutional Failure in Punjab with Respect to Sikhism
Keynote Address   Dr Gurdarshan Singh
Need For An Apex Institution   Dr Kharak Singh
Sikh Institutions — Malfunctioning   Sardar Gurdev Singh
Significance Of Role Of Akal Takht   Dr Kirpal Singh
Working Of Sikh Institutions In Social- Religious And Educationl Field   Maj Gen Dr Jaswant Singh
Sikh Institutions : A Review   Principal Gurbakhsh Singh
Dwindling Status Of Akal Takht   Dr Surinder Singh
Institutional Failure In Punjab With Respect To Sikh Education   Principal Jagdish Singh
Sikh Institutions During 20th Century   Prof. Prithipal Singh
Akal Takht Jathedars — Yesterday And Today   Dr Man Singh Nirankar
Institutional Failure Within Sikhism   Brig Hardit Singh
Institutional Failure In Punjab   Dr Gurmit Singh
Institutional Lapses In The Religious,Educational And Social Field   Prof. Gurnam Kaur
Need For Sikh Education Directorate   Sardar Sadhu Singh
Institutional Failure Of Sikhs   Sardar Nanak Singh Nishter
Failure Of Sikh Intellectuals   Dr Kuldip Singh
Punjabi Section
Punjab wich Sikh Sansthava dk NigharPDF format   Principal Dr Jagjit Singh
Fail ho Rahe Sikh MissionPDF format   Sardar Kartar Singh Aligarh
Gurdwara Parbandh kiye Safal HovePDF format   Dr Gurbakhsh Singh
Punjab wikhe Sikh Dharam de Sambandh wich Santhavi AsafaltaPDF format   Dr Harnam Singh Shan
Sikh Sansthava dk Nighar te Phori HalPDF format   Sardar Kartar Singh Goshti
Part - II
Missing Sikh Prisoners
Missing Sikh Prisoners   S Inderjeet Singh Jaijee
Appendix A : Resolution    
Appendix B : Resolution    



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