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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



On the ISC Front

Lt Gen Kartar Singh

The first Quarter of the year 2019 started for the ISC and devoted Sikhs World Wide, with a Bang. We happily celebrated with great fevour the most auspicious celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

On 14th Jan two prominent Members of the ISC Executive committee were most auspiciously Elected as President and Secretary of the Institute of Sikh Studies respectively. Incidentally, the ISC was formed by our Founding Fathers headed then by the highly devoted, learned , Internationally travelled and respected Sikh Leader – Late Dr Kharak Singh ji. His noble thoughts aimed at ensuring the aims and objectives of the World Sikh Council which had some how fallen by the wayside after a good start. Once again, the fractured Leader and bad governance with a biased Centre had wrought havoc in our state for some years. Youth had suffered most, especially in the rural areas and education in these areas was practically shattered.

Presently after 14 Years since it's raising in 1905 the ISC is functioning like a well oiled machine in many spheres, focusing on priority areas of totally uplifting education and training and guiding Youth to follow lucrative careers.

Skills Training
4. Good progress has been made in the Employment sphere.Our Skills Training Centre at Mohali,set up with full ISC support is passing out fully well trained Boys/Girls in various Trades such as Motor/ Tractor Mechanics, Air Conditioning, Fashion Design,Tailoring,Beauty Parlour work etc. and their Employment is totally assured. A very special SKILL CENTRE has been opened by our colleagues in MOGA under the supervision of a devoted 94 Years old Ex-Social Leader/Politician, for Plumbers. This is located in a very efficient Professional Government Skills Training Centre under the DC Moga ,financed totally by our Member and Colleagues 94 Years old S.Jugraj Singh Gill helped by our expert Col JS Multani. This has brought this Veteran Ex-Political Leader back into the news and, with a bounce in his gait, he now proudly welcomes needy youth daily with useful advice and supports those whose projects are worthy of assistance. His Hawk's eyes ensure weeding out of unworthy Pretenders.

Joint Projects Planned with our Dubai Partners and Professor
Dr. Kanwaljit Singh, Head of Department of Gurmat Sangeet , Panjabi University, Patiala.
Our very devoted Young allies based in Dubai Mr.Amanjit Singh of Sewa Social and Environment Welfare Association have lately sown the seeds of a very desirable 'Need of the Hour' Project as a joint venture under ISC Leadership. Nuts and Bolts of this Project is to uplift the Youth of Punjab in practical activities in their Homeland i.e., Punjab's villages as well as Kasbas. To start with a wave will be created in selected areas where 'Youth Power' will be united into a pulsating 'Elete' forum trained as nucleus with chosen eligible Teachers in the field. Once this Organisation is ready, basic trainings will be formalized at ISC HQ. Trained Leaders/Scholars will then move out under a centralized Time bound Plan for action in various marked areas of Punjab to implement this Core Plan.

Training Plan
Our partner and friend Dr.Kanwaljit Singh, now teaching in the University will formulate a detailed "Plan of Action" which will be Discussed and Refined. An Elected Action Committee will then take charge and formulate a detailed Time Bound Plan of Action on a Weekly/Monthly basis.

ISC along with Sewa organizers will plan to start Gurmat and Music Classes with the close advise of Dr.Kanwaljit Singh would need to now start Gurmat and Music Classes in every District to train Youth as a hobby as preparation to enter life with maturity.Details need to be fully prepared.

Visits by Retired Senior Administrators
Mr.Ranjit Puri r/o 2169 Sector 35-C, Chandigarh visited our HQ with Mr.Samir Mathur, IAS (Retd.) on 26th March 2019. Lt.Gen KS Gill, Col JS Multani and the visiting personality had a Meeting and discussed in detail about the activities of the ISC.Mr.Mathur being a very senior and experienced IAS Officer was requested to act as advisor and well wisher of the ISC. He agreed and highly appreciated our Education and Coaching Schools and their brialliant results.

Lt.Gen KS Gill briefed in detail the ISC's projects in progress i.e;Coaching Centers, Technical Training, Village upliftment awareness regarding Central Govt. Schemes for minorities and opening available for the students for higher achievements.

Mr.Samir Mathur, who has recently retired and settled in Delhi and promised all possible help by using his appointments held as RTI Commissioner and Home Secretary, Haryana. He said arrogance and ignorance are deadly weapons and are very common with Govt.officials. He was keen to get associated with our organization.


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