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The IOSS presently has the following projects at hand to be completed in the medium and long term:

The IOSS has undertaken a project to write authentic Sikh History in five volumes to be published by the SGPC. This project was started under the overall guidance of Dr Kharak Singh and Dr Kirpal Singh. Several leading historians are participating in the same. Volume 1 covering the Guru period was published by the SGPC in February 2004 and was greatly appreciated by the public at large. It is currently out of print. The IOSS has requested the SGPC to bring out a reprint of the same. Work on Volume 2 has been completed and it is pending publication by the SGPC. Volume 3 is currently in the editing stage and is likely to be sent to the SGPC for scrutiny shortly. Volumes 4 and 5 are at a preliminery stage.

Following the demise of Dr Kharak Singh, the IOSS has constituted a 5 member Project Coordination Working Group under the chairmainship of Dr Kirpal Singh to ensure timely and cost effective completion of the project. The other members of this group are S. Gurpreet Singh, S. Gajindar Singh, Col. Amrik Singh and Dr Birendra Kaur.

Qualified research scholars have been employed by the IOSS to undertake translation and research of primary sources of Sikh history such as Sri Guru Sobha, Gurbilas Patshahi VI, Sri Guru Panth Prakash, etc.  Special efforts will be made to sort out the controversies regarding these sources. For further information, please visit the "Research Projects" section on the homepage of the website.

The IOSS has decided to come out with a "Sikh Dynamic Vision for 21st Century" document covering Institutional, Ethical, Doctrinal, Political and Socio-Cultural challenges facing the Panth. Working Groups/Task forces have been constituted for in-depth study of the various issues and to come up with their recommendations.

Plans for short term training programmes for the youth, scholars, preachers, ragis and granthis have also been drawn up. These will be taken up in cooperation with other organizations already doing work in these fields.

Establishing World Institute of Sikh Education and Research is a major and ambitious project taken up by IOSS to achieve its aims and objectives on a long term basis. WISER would be an autonomous establishment to study Gurbani, research Sikh Philosophy and History, study comparitive religion, study current problems of Sikh diaspora, etc  at par with deemed universities recognized by UGC of India. A piece of prime land in Chandigarh measuring nearly two acres is already available with the IOSS for the purpose and the plans have been drawn up by the architects. Construction will be taken up in a phased manner as funding is obtained for the project. A Library for the research work already exists and the books are being constantly added. 

Cooperation and sponsorship for the execution of the above-said projects is solicited from one and all. With the blessings of the Guru and the Sangat, the Institute aspires for success in all these projects.



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