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The Institute of Sikh Studies (IOSS) was established and registered in 1989 by some learned individuals who felt concerned over the large scale misrepresentation of Sikh doctrines, misrepresentation of Gurbani and the lack of understanding of the message of the Gurus, its import on history and its contribution towards the development of mankind. Intellectual stalwarts like Sardar Daljit Singh, Sardar Jagjit Singh and Dr Kharak Singh were the founder members of the Institute.

— Founder Members of the Institute of Sikh Studies —

S Daljit Singh S Jagjit Singh Gen Gurbakhsh Singh
S Karnail Singh Maj Gen Narinder Singh Dr Kharak Singh
Bhai Ashok Singh Bibi Baljit Kaur S Gurdev Singh
Dr Kuldip Singh Dr Gurdarshan Singh Dr Sukhjeet Kaur
Justice Gurdev Singh Sardar Harpal Singh Ms Surinder Kaur
S Inderjeet Singh Jaijee    

IOSS is non-political and voluntary international organisation dedicated to the correct interpretation of Gurbani and Sikh philosophy as also of propagation of Sikh religion and culture.  Specific aims and objects of the Institute are :-

    • To interpret the basic philosophy / theology of Sikhism enunciated in the original writings of Guru Nanak and the succeeding Gurus.
    • To study the history of development of Sikh religious thought, society, traditions and polity, and to bring out the contribution of Sikhism towards advancement of universal religious thought and human welfare.
    • To prepare and publish suitable literature on the above aspects, and to disseminate information on Sikhism through common media, meetings, seminars, talks, discussions, etc.
    • To watch and to counter any attempts to misinterpret Sikhism, or any hostile propaganda against religious philosophy, doctrines, traditions and history of Sikhs or the Sikh way of life.
    • To encourage establishment of centres / groups / fora of Sikhs at suitable places in India to promote the aims and objectives of the Institute.
    • To maintain close liaison with affiliated centres through visits, periodical newsletter exchange, and supply of literature published by the Institute from time to time.
    • To establish and maintain contact with existing religious organisations and institutions interested in the aims and objects of the Institute, and to extend co-operation to, as well as seek co-operation and assistance from them on specific projects.
    • To set up a Reference Library for the benefit of members and scholars working for the Institute.
    • To prepare and introduce courses of instruction on Sikhism in schools and colleges, willing to participate.
    • To cater to the needs of the masses and religious groups of Sikhs in their missionary pursuits, mainly through supply of literature.
    • To co-operate with non-Sikh organisations, genuinely interested in the study of Sikh religion.



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