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Appendix C

Chandigarh Declaration
Adopted By Eminent Scholars, Editors, and
Members Of The Sikh Panth Assembled At
Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Kanthala
On October 25, 1998

“For the past some years, Sikh affairs have taken a nose-dive. The Sikhs in India and abroad have been rendered passive spectators to the sordid happenings. Human rights for the Sikhs have ceased to exist, and their heritage is being systematically wiped out. Gurdwara establishments have developed vested interests. Consequently, several powerful Sikh impulses and concepts, vital for existence in the modern world, have suffered diminution to the immense detriment of the Sikh people.

“It is perceived that this has happened because the Guru Khalsa Panth has for long past neglected its function of controlling and guiding the Sikh affairs. No befitting celebration of the tercentenary of the birth of the Khalsa can take place in these circumstances.

“Besides, there are many questions pertaining to the Sikh way of life, which have arisen recently and which need to be immediately addressed. For this purpose and for generally considering the present-day Sikh situation, it is immediately necessary to call a representative gathering of all the religious and social organisations of the Panth.

“This gathering of scholars and the concerned people assembled at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Kanthala, calls upon the Institute of Sikh Studies and other responsible Sikh organisations to urgently convene such a meeting during the course of the coming months as early as possible. The gathering also requests all Panthic bodies and enlightened and well-meaning Sikhs to extend full co-operation in this task, so that functioning of the Guru Khalsa Panth can be revived to take over and perform the functions entrusted to it by Guru Gobind Singh.”



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