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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



 On the ISC Front

Lt Col Jagtar Singh*

As the rains gave way to autumn and the winters start to creep in, we at ISC have been busy with a plethora of activities notwithstanding the lurking fear of Omicron. Covid cases declined during this period and the administration relaxed some restrictions on travel and gatherings. Seizing the opportunity, we lost no time to connect with our members, associates, students and children to rejuvenate our efforts towards education in rural areas, upliftment of girls from poor families and coaching deserving students for various entrance exams and courses. In accordance with the vision of our Convenor, Dr. Sardara Singh Johl special impetus was given towards training of needy and deserving IAS and Civil Services aspirants. To widen the sphere of our activities a concerted effort was also made during the period to select the Governing Council and revive the Advisory Councils of ISC.

Meetings of the Advisory Councils

It was proposed and deliberated in the Executive Meeting of ISC held on 10 Jul 21 that as enumerated in the Constitution of the ISC the Governing Council be formulated and Advisory Councils should be revived. Dr Birendra Kaur took over the responsibility as Convenor of Group of Advisory Councils (GoAC). The first meeting was held on 24 Sep 21 in which the importance of these councils was discussed and the various fields in which these councils can work and contribute was brought out. The next meeting was held on 13 Oct 21 wherein composition of the councils was refined and new members were introduced. A resolution mourning the brutal attack on farmers at Lakhimpur Kheri (UP) on 03 Oct 21 and the death of other 700 plus farmers during the peaceful protest was passed. Dr Pyare Lal Garg delivered a talk on the National Education Policy 2020 during the next meeting on 13 Nov 21 which was followed by a detailed discussion and a committee was formed to take further action on the issue. In the meeting held on 13 Dec 21, progress on the action taken on the Issue of National Education Policy 2020 was discussed and suggestions invited on how to highlight the martyrdoms of Sahibzadas before the world in general, and the youth in particular.

Online Meeting on National Education Policy 2020

All participants present in the meeting held on 13th Nov 2021 had unanimously agreed to form a committee to document points which are not in favour of public interest in the implementation of the new policy. The committee had an online discussion with Dr Pyara Lal Garg and also deliberated at the various points given by Dr Pushpinder Singh, S Lakhwinder Singh Mansa and Dr. Birendra Kaur.

Coaching for Civil Services Exam

In pursuance of our objectives to promote literacy and education amongst the masses and as per the desires of our Convenor Dr Sardara Singh Johl to provide assistance to IAS and other Civil Services aspirants ISC set out to coordinate with various institutes and also to identify suitable candidates. On 10 Sept 21 at the ISC HQ, 14 students who were keen to undergo training through ISC were selected and were addressed by Prof Anil Kumar, Director/Owner of IAS Study Circle. He gave the students an insight into the conduct of the exam and the broad overlay of the coaching they will have to undergo as well as the study material recommended. The gathering was also addressed by Mr VMS Grover of Gyanm Institute and Col JS Multani, Secy Gen ISC and Col AS Kandhari, Gen Secy, ISC. ISC is presently providing financial assistance to the following students:-


          S. No      Name                                 Institute/Place                       Remarks

          1.         Amanjot Singh          IAS Study Circle          

       2.         Sukhpal Kaur           IAS Study Circle          

       3.         Bhukya Gulab Singh IAS Study Circle          

       4.         Simranjeet Kaur       IAS Study Circle          

       5.         Sukhpreet Kaur        IAS Study Circle          

International Webinar on the Life, Martydom and Bani of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.

To commemorate 400 years Prakash Purub of Guru Teg Bahadur ji and International Webinar was organised by ISC on 27 Nov 21 under the chairmanship of our Convenor, Dr Sardara Singh Johl. The guest of honour for the event was Dr Iqtidar Karamat Cheema of UK. He is the member of United Nations Global steering Committee and is Director at Institute for leadership & Community Development, UK Due to his efforts three hymns from Guru Granth Sahib was included in United Nations Faith for Right Declaration, a document prepared for the world. His services to human rights, interfaith relations received recognition by state Senate and Assembly of California and by United States Congress. He has studied philosophy at University of Oxford and achieved his PhD in international relations from University of Gloucestershire. After the opening address, which was delivered by Col JS Multani, Secy Gen ISC, Dr Birendra Kaur read out the citation in honour of Dr Iqtidar Karamat Cheema. The keynote address was given by Dr Jaspal Kaur Kaang, who has recently retired as Professor and Academic In-charge Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Other prominent speakers were Dr Paramvir Singh and Dr Gurmeet Singh Sidhu, both of Punjabi University Patiala. Dr. Iqtidar Cheema while speaking on the occasion spoke the relevance of Guru Teg Bahadur ji’s teachings in the modern world. Martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur was a fight for religious freedom. Pesidential address for the event was delivered by Dr Sardara Singh Johl. The host for the evening was Col AS Kandhari, Gen Secy, ISC.

Medical Camp at Alampur on Diwali

ISC alongwith Rotary Club Chandigarh visited Homework Tuition Centre Alampur on 30 Oct 21 and met the children. Almost 100 children had gathered on the occasion. ISC team distributed gifts and sweets and stationary to the children. Rotary Club led by Dr MP Singh set up a medical camp for the children.  ISC also distributed 4 sewing machines for the ladies. A documentary was also shown to the children to discourage them from bursting crackers as they pollute the environment and damage the health of humans and animals.

Visit to Jalna and Aurangabad

ISC team comprising of Col JS Multani Secretary General ISC, Dr. Bhagat Singh Makkar General Physician and Manmeet Singh, Media Incharge visited Gurudwara ‘Gura Ladho Re’ Vill. Jhirpi Tanda, Teh-Ambed, Distt.- Jalna (Maharashtra) on 14 Oct 2021. The Gurudwara was established here a few years ago by the concerted efforts of Col JS Multani and locals. A number of Sindhi families from Ambed and Jalna and about 150 students from local area also reached for inauguration of “Homework Tuition Centre” and “Gurmat Sangeet Vidalaya” in the Gurudwara Sahib ‘Guru Ladho Re’.

The team was invited on 15th Oct 2021 to Aurangabad for release of book on “Saheed-e-Aazam- Baba Lakhi Shah Vanjara” written by Dr. Ashok Pawar and launch of weekly newspaper named ‘Seva Jyoti’ to be run by Ashok Rathore.

Visit to Jalandhar

Col JS Multani and media incharge Mr Manmeet Saini visited Jalandhar on 07 Nov 21. They met S. Kultar Singh Multani and S. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. S. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu runs his own news channel named Kesri Virasat. He has also agreed to join and work with ISC in near future. He also introduced a poor student of 10th standard named Nikhil Arora, now converted into Sikhism and changed his name to Nihal Singh Arora. He is also doing Kirtan and reciting 9 Banis of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. ISC also agreed to provide funds for his studies.

No     Name                Purpose                                                        Amount

1.        Sukhpal Kaur    Fee of M.Sc Maths                                        16,555/-

           2.                        Shri L.C. Bhatt                       Training to students for

                                                                                      Craft Work at Alampur                         2,000/-

           3.                        Mehak Preet Kaur Tuition Fees                           3,000/-

4.        Manpreet Kaur Tuition Fees                                                  16,000/-

5.        Roshni               Help for study                                               2,600/-

           6.                        Usha Devi                              Admission fees at Baba Farid University            3,540/-

7.        Beant Singh       Help for Coaching & Equiptment for

                                                                                      Asian Games preparation at Nehru

                                                                             Stadium Delhi                       1,25,000/-

Financial Assistance During The Period

Financial assistance given to students & children, teachers and sportsmen during the period are as follows:-

ISC has accepted to provide financial help for Sikhs competing individually in National & International level of games/athletics in Sikhi Sarup. One such candidate is S Beant Singh with proven athletic ability participation and awards in many National, Asian and International Chimpionship.

Sikh organizations are requested to join the efforts under the brand name “Sikhs for Olympics” which has been started by ISC with the support of few Sikh organisations and identify potential Sikh player for various sports.











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