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Teaching is a highly rewarding profession. The peace enjoyed by a teacher while looking at the satisfied faces of the students and hearing the sincerely voiced ‘thanks’ cannot be described in words.

Here are, however, some of the lessons learnt by the author himself from the youth while teaching Sikh heritage to them. Mutual learning brought a great change in my thinking. I feel more committed and devoted to the faith than before I started participating in the Sikh youth camps in North America. Therefore, it is now my turn to say ‘Thank you’ to my students and friends.

I have always loved explaining gurmat philosophy and Sikh heritage to the youth. However, answering their searching and challenging questions was a great experience which changed my own life. The book, The Sikh Faith - Questions and Answers is the outcome of these discussions. In paperback form, it has been published in USA, Canada, India and Singapore. The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar has published its revised hard cover edition. Its Panjabi and Hindi versions have been published by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Ludhiana, Panjab. I hope this small volume, which contains Gurmat lessons learnt by the author, will also be welcomed by the readers. The episodes have been written in the order that I remembered them. The youth will enjoy reading them and benefit from the lessons they teach. The Sikh community in general should also find these articles interesting.

Finally, I have to make a request to the reader. These episodes are actual life experiences narrated for the guidance of the youth and their parents. They are not to be read as stories. Instead of reading the entire book in one sitting, I suggest reading one or two a day. This will allow time for reflections as each episode narrates an experience for leading a peaceful life. The advantage thus taken by the youth will give peace to the author.



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