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  Gur Panth Parkash
Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh





Dr. NOEL Q KING, Professor of History and Comparative Religion University of  California, Santa Cruz, U.S.A.

DAL]EET SINGH, LA.S. (Retd.), Formerly Secretary Education, Government of Punjab. Author of Sikhism — Comparative Study of Its Theology and Mysticism, and contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Sikhism and various journals. Delivered the Guru Nanak Memorial Lectures 1982, at the Punjabi University, Patiala.

Dr. HARI RAM GUPTA, Ph.D., D.Litt., Retired Professor and Head of the Department of History, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Author of thirteen research volumes on the Sikhs and Punjab and a large number of papers and monograms.

Dr. GANDASINGH, Ph. D., D.Litt., Well-known Sikh Historian and Research Scholar. Author of more than 50 books and over 175 papers in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

 PROFESSOR HARBANS SINGH, Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopaedia of Sikhism in preparation at the Punjabi University, Patiala. His publications include The Heritage of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak and Origin of the Sikh Faith, Guru Gobind Singh, Aspects of Punjabi Literature and Bhai Vir Singh.

PROFESSOR ]AG]IT SINGH, Author of the outstanding work on Sikh history, The Sikh Revolution, Ghadar Party Lehrand Sikh Inqlab (Punjabi).

GURDEV SINGH, Former Judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court and Fellow of the Panjab and other Universities. President of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation and also Academy of Sikh Religion and Culture; Chairman, Governing Council Guru Nanak Public School, Chandigarh.



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