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After a brief discussion of demands for the waters as given by various States, the following decisions were taken:
1. The supplies both flow and storage in the rivers Ravi and Beas over and above the actual prepartition utilization, based on mean supplies in the rivers, shall be allocated as under:

Share of Punjab 5.90 MAF
Share of Kashmir 0.65 MAF
Share of Rajasthan 8.00 MAF
Share of Pepsu 1.30 MAF
Total 15.85 MAF

In case of any variation in total supplies, the shares shall be changed pro-rata on the above allocations subject to the condition that no change shall be made in the allocation for Kashmir State which shall remain as 0.65 MAF.

2. The distribution of flow supplies shall be in the same ratio as the allocation mentioned above.

3. The splitting up of the allocated supplies between Kharif and Rabi, may be left to Engineers. The matter may be referred to the Government of India if they cannot arrive at an agreement on this issue.

4. The proposed capacity of Madhopur-Beas Link may be increased from 8,000 to 10,000 cusecs.

5. The question of allocation of the cost of water including the cost of storages and other works may be taken up separately as the conference was concerned only with the distribution of supplies.

6. It is left to each State to decide as to how best to utilize the supplies allocated to it. The States, however, must submit their proposals in this regard immediately to the Government of India (Planning Commission).”




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