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Rural Punjab (Upliftment) of Sikh Messaes
– A Second Singh Sabha Lehar to be Launched –

G S Makin

1. The problems faced in rural areas of Punjab could be entailed as follows:

a) Illiteracy
b) Drug addiction and Female Foeticide
c) Unemployment
d) Keenness to go abroad (even by unfair means)
e) Lack of Knowledge of Sikh philosophy
f) Lack of Sport facilities or hobbies.

Remedial Action
a) i. To deal with illiteracy or lack of interest in studies, schools and colleges are to be set up at various focal points like industrial focal points. This was being followed by Sikh educational Conferences undertaken by Chief Khalsa Diwan earlier. A similar activity has to be organised by the Institute annually on similar lines, in rural areas, district wise.

ii. Certain scholarship/rewards are to be instituted for promising students.

iii Monetary help to be given to poor families for educational facilities just as Christian missionaries are doing in Kerala, etc.

b) i. De-addiction centres to be set up and supported financially for guiding the youth on the right lines.

ii. Education to be given against ill effects of drug addiction and female foeticide.

iii. Training Camps of 2 days duration to be held.

c) i. Employment opportunities to be developed with the help of Govt machinery, NGOs or other social organisations.

ii. Training facilities in various crafts or self-help schemes to be developed.

iii. Facilities for setting up small-scale industries.

d) i. The keen desires of the youth for going abroad especially through unfair means to be discouraged.

ii. Proper knowledge for going abroad through right channels to be given through Institute centres.

iii. Literature about foreign visits for job opportunities to be distributed.

iv. Facilities in Rural areas to be developed to discourage craze for going abroad.

e) For propagating Sikh philosophy, lots of efforts are needed in the following fields:
i. Free literature in Punjabi and English to be made available.

ii. A quarter feature of visits by the Institute to be followed in various rural areas of the district by conducting Kirtan darbars, seminars or discussions with farmers with the help of local Panchayat or Akali Dal units or Sikh Missionary centers already existing there.

iii. The practice of celebrating Muslim Pir’s birthdays at their Mazars by Sikh Sangats to be totally stopped.

f) i. Sports facilities to be developed for games like Hockey, Football, Table Tennis, athletics and swimming (wherever possible).

ii. Awards to be instituted for district level sports activities.

iii. Centres for hobbies like painting, reading (libraries) to be set up.

iv. Study centers for debates, etc., to be organized.

g) Services of Dhadis/singers to be utilized for education.




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