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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh







On the ISC Front

Col Jagtar Singh*

As we all are aware Covic 19 has played a havoc through out the world including India. Intermittently, Covid-19 curfews lockdowns became the norm since March 23 onward every where. All in/out activities come to stand still from the last four months. It crippled economy to an unimaginable extent resulting in mass migration of more than 12 crores labour force disrupting industrial and all aonomic activities. The worst part is, no light is in sight at the end of tunnel as of today.

Change in Administrative Structure: We may bring to the notice of all executive members and Associations that due to fragile health of Lt Gen K.S. Gill du to aging, he himself requested Col J S Multani to step into his shoes and take the responsibilities of the post o Secretary General which he was holding since the birth of ISC. This matter was conveyed to the Hon'ble convenor Dr S S Johal and other executive members with on line meeting wherein it was unanimously agreed that Col J.S. Multani should take charge as Secretary General in the month of April 2020. Mr J. S. Gogia was requested to take assignment of the General Secretary with FOSWAC for the last eight years. 'FOSWAC' is an apex body of RWAs of Chandigarh and has been deeply engaged in development and welfare work in the city for the last thirty-two years. He is an Ex-General Manager in the senior management rank from KK Birla Group of companies. He has impeccable educational and professional career in several organiztions of international repute.

Hyderabad Project: ISC took a bold step to initiate Hyderabad Project to the uplift of under privileged communities of Sikligarh and Vanjara 8 years ago. The primary school building has been completed 75% by June 2020. It may take another 3 to 4 months if the donation of around Rs 4 lakhs are mobilized. We are running short both of donations and time to complete it. Due to lack of resources both students and teachers are facing difficulty to adopt Online study which has become the horm due to Covid-19.

Coaching centres: we are running three coaching centres at Mukandpur (District Nawan Shahir), Shergarh (Patiala) and Pandori Khurd (Hoshiarpur). The results for tweleveth class ending March 2020 has been extremely good and quite encouraging. There is anoverall  improvement by 10% in marks as compared to last year. Most of the students have achieved above 80% marks.


PM Awas Yojna: The GoI is planning to construct 6.1 million houses for the poor within next two years. These houses will be alloted to the underprivileged people at subsidised rates. We have shown interest in it and are following up if we can participate in the scheme for uplift of Sikligarh and Vanjara Community. For this purpose, ISC is spear heading for low income group houses for them. Community Count Group has been formed with local representative for planning and execution. We shall report the progress when we succeed to tke up such a project.

Census for 2020-21: ISC finds that the Sikligars and Vanjaras were not counted as Sikhs during last Census held in 2011-12. ISC is spears heading the compaign that these two commuities must be recorded as Sikhs as that the benefit of minority should flow to them.

CSR (Company's Social Responsibility) Work: GoI has made it mandatory for the companies to spend 5% from their profit for the welfare of the people as social responsbility. We at ISC front are taking up the matter with certain reputed organizations to come forward for coordination and collaboration of CSR work by out sourcing to us. it would be a win - win situation where the staff of the companies would be free to do their routine work and ISC will get financial support for undertaking certain fruitful projects. We re hopeful to make some progress in this regard in near future.

Youth Empowerment and Skill Development: Presently, the need of time is to impart skills to the youth for their gainful employment or to make them capable to start their own entrepreneurship. Our Secretary, Brig G.J. Singh VSM took initiative to train and motivate the rural youth for recuitment in armed fores and police. We are spreading our effort to include other civil courses for preparing them for competitive examinations of banks, railways, hotel management and other services. For this purpose, we are in search of suitable institute partners who can coordinate and collaborate with ISC as a joint ventue. However, it is taking time to initiate this programme due to spread of Covid-19.

We are in touch with S. Amanjeet Singh at "Sewa Sewa Dubai" for coordination with us for skill development and are hopeful to get through this venture.

Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College Chandigarh had been kind enough to admit rural Sikh students sponsored by us in all under graduate courses who have obtained 80% or above in twelve class examination, with certain concessions in tution fees.

Home Work Tution Centres:  We are running eight such centres in Punjab with the objective of helping the students to do homework at designated places either in Gurdwara or schools after the school hours. The dedicated teachers help the underprivileged students regularly so that they improve in study. It is pertinent note that there is conspicious improvement at least by 10-15% they have scored higher marks this year. Our life members S Vikramjit Singh NRI has paid teachers emoluments and stipend to the meritorious students under this Project.

Use of Media: Gradually and slowly we have been equipped with infrastrue for Development of media for ISC activities.

The ISC members grouped in different categories and the persons who are in touch with us on face book, email WhatsApp and Zoom must have noticed many fold increase in ISC activities.

To take full advantage of information Technology, it is not out of way to mention that several issues viral on social media were taken up with apex body SGPC Amritsar and Jathedars of Takhts to begin with. It is not out of the way to mention that we are facing several social and religious issues which need attention of Sikh organizations for finding ways and means to settle thouse issues. Several recordings are being made and put in the media for better communication with masses.








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