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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh






Bandage on My Head


Col Avtar singh

 I live in Scarborough, East Toronto. My eye specialist is in down town Toronto, near Davisville subway station. On one of my visits to him, after he told me that everything was fine with my eyes, I was returning home in peace. Just opposite the subway station is a Tim Horton where I generally have a coffee. After one such visit, I was having coffee there and was sitting around a table, when two white gentlemen approached me. Can we share the table with you? I looked around and found all tables were full. So, I said certainly. You are most welcome.

After a little while, one of them said why are you having a bandage on your head. Why don’t you look like us. I replied, I will certainly look like you if you answer my three questions. They eagerly said. “Yes, yes.” I asked them, I presume, you are Christians. Reply. “Yes.”  I said, I understand there is a stanza in the Bible which asks its followers to live as per the WILL  OF GOD. “Yes, yes.”

God created many species of life. In each case, He has made some difference between Male and Female species. Take Peacocks, One has long feathers and the other not much. Lions have growth on face where as lioness has little. Similarly, in the case of Human beings, God has given males beard and females no. I said you who claim to follow Jesus do not want to live as per the Will of God. You say, No to God’s Will and want to look like a woman. So you shave your beard. Next morning you look into the mirror. Oh, it has grown again. You shave again. So this battle between you and will of God goes on every morning.

God wants you to have long hair. You say NO. You go to the Barber and have them cut and made into designs. Three months later, the hair have grown 3 inches. You again run to the barber and this battle goes on till you live.

What do I do. I do not cut my hair. I wash them every week. Comb them twice a day, Tie them into a Bun on my head and cover them up with a nice turban, which protects them from dirt and dust.

Now, kindly tell me, am I not following the will of God? No answer. They just left the table.








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