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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



Pearls of Thoughts

A Review by Kartar Singh Goshti

Author : Principal S S Prince
Publisher: Vishvas Publication Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh
Price: Rs. 200/- Pages: 121 (Hard bound)

This soul stirring small book “Pearls of Thoughts” of only 121 pages penned by an educationist Principal S.S Prince, is effective. message for leading a peaceful, purposeful, perfect and contented life for persons of all ages young and old who are seekers of truth, wisdom and blessings of almighty.

The book has 27 chapters on different subjects. You need not go through lengthy write-ups to comprehend the message. No chapter runs into full 2 pages and some chapters are as brief as half a page. And there is no need to have more explanation of the subject, each chapter being brief and compact containing crux of the thought. Clarity of thought, aptness of words, fluency of expression gives the reader a charming sense of readership. To me every chapter is a book on the subject. The concept of “je ko khave je ko Bhunche” high lighted in Gurbani is equally applicable to value of the pearls spread by Principal S.S Prince in this master-work.

Here and there, the author provides quotes from scriptures and writings of great men for the depth of their thoughts but many sentences displaying the thought of the author are equally quotable as if the Pearls have been tested in the laboratory of experience. I quote a few excerpts drawn from different chapters:-

Slow Down & Live
Human organism is like A machine which needs regular oiling, cleaning and lubrication. Beauties of nature provide a healing balm to our tired limbs.

Sense of Proportion
Rationalism should replace emotionalism and a sense of proportion would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Will Power
Persons without fixed destination are like rudderless boats which may drift anywhere.

Secret of Long Life
A person who wants to live long should shun hatred and malice for others.

Ignorance is Bliss
Ignorance about the future makes life worth living. The lamb licks the very hand which is going to kill him the next movement.

If a man makes full use of his creative powers, miracles can be wrought and many dreams can easily be converted into realities.

Key to Happiness
A contented mind is an essential condition of happiness. The greatest happiness results from a pursuit that is not tainted by selfishness.

Wonders of Work
God has endowed man with an inventive brain and miraculous hands.

Moral Force
The Moral force is superior to all other forces.

Truth is High
Truthful living can awaken the conscience of even a hardened criminal.

A contented person reaps the harvest of satisfaction, peace of mind and praise from his fellow men.

Sweetness and Humility
By being courteous and well-mannered, a man can win everlasting friendship.

Our preparedness paves way for a solution to the most complicated problems.

In the end I would recommend rather implore the youth of the land to discover Pearls themselves by going through these chapters. At the age of 80 myself having gone through some good books, I feel this piece worthy of readership for all. Such a book should be translated in many languages especially in Hindi and Punjabi.

There are hardly any mistakes. It’s a perfect work. Kings and Princes are known for their rubies, diamonds and Pearls but Pearls of Principal S.S. Prince, are more valuable and of greater shine. I salute the author. The book is in good print and hard bound. Title page itself is a gem.


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