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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



On the ISC Front

Lt Gen Kartar Singh

This was indeed a very rewarding period for ISC activities. As always Education in Rural Areas is foremost in our minds. Towards this we consolidated our recently established Coaching Centre at MOGA where the chairman Dr. Kuldeep Singh Gill is pro-active. The Mukandpur Coaching Centre is really forging ahead and acts as a mirror, reflecting the existing latent talent in our Rural Children. They vie for an opportunity to prove themselves. Kudos to the College and School Principals of ASSM College and School and of course the talented and dedicated teachers, who coach these children. They have done a marvelous job in producing good results. Fifteen students have been admitted in engineering colleges for B. Tech in various streams such as Civil, Comp Sc, Mechanical, Electrical etc. one student is doing BCA and six students have been admitted into B.sc Nursing or B Pharmacy. The rest are continuing further studies in the Non-Medical Stream in the College.

Besides the above the month of August and September witnessed the SGPC Elections which are of prime importance to the Sikh Community. The ISC has in it's Executive Committee Meetings, always advocated that we should take deeper interest in ensuring that Gursikh candidates of caliber and character, who can act independently, be somehow supported by us. Besides, we should help ensure that drugs and liquor are not distributed and money not flouted. We have worked towards both these issues i.e. Education in Rural Areas and clean and fair SGPC Elections.

Education in Rural Areas
This is an ongoing effort and as funds come in, must be expanded rapidly to cover all backward areas of Punjab. Readers will be happy to learn that S. Teja Singh Ji from ONTARIO in Canada has decided to open a Trust allied with the ISC mainly to uplift education and health. It will also support other charitable, cultural and social activities. But then this is yet to take off and I request all Gursikhs to contribute liberally to the Guru Nanak Education Fund so that the above push in education and uplift of poor students is enlarged, and we need never say 'NO' to any such upcoming young Sikh girls and boys. Give as you can afford; many drops make the ocean.

We are happy to have amongst us the following new members from abroad who are keen to join us in our social and educational projects.

a)      Dr. Kulwant Pradhan, NRI Australia:- A benevolent lady who visited our coaching centre in Mukundpur and immediately offered aid and voluntary service,
b)    Dr. Satwant Kaur Grewal, NRI Canada.
c)    S. Gurcharan Singh Jhaj, NRI USA.
d)    Dr. Randip Singh, MD, NRI USA. Life Member.

PM's 15 Point Programme
This scheme is now an ongoing affair and students are to apply for the ongoing school and college sessions by dates as published by the welfare department in Newspapers. Col Jagtar Singh Multani has a full grip on all details of forms to be filled up and has been out in the field with allied organisations. It surprises us that, even now, after three years of intense effort by us, there are still dark areas existing in Punjab. We all need to work towards educating the schools and Colleges existing in your respective areas of interest regarding the usefulness of this scheme.

SGPC Elections
Our Executive Committee Meeting had decided to support good Gursikh candidates who met the criteria laid down by us. We had also prepared a ‘Parn Patar’ to be signed by the candidate accepting our conditions. We are putting this into effect, and in addition to this, have organized a Panthic Co-ordination Committee to keep a strong vigil against the distribution of drugs, Liquor and money to buy votes. District vigilance/monitoring committees have been organized with the Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha and the ISC acting as Co-ordinators. We also met the Chief Election Commissioner, Justice HS Brar requesting appropriate action against the above and also submission of fake votes. He was most sympathetic and has already notified appropriate instructions to his observers and Election officers. We are sure this effort will pay heavy dividends and act as great deterrent to habitual offenders. We are supported by a larger no. of organisations (over 60), High Court and Supreme Court lawyers S. Navkiran Singh and the well known Senior Advocate S. Harvinder Singh Phoolka have rendered active support to us by not only joining in, but also actively campaigning during week ends. Giani Kewal Singh Ex-Jathedar DamDama Sahib has been leading the religious thrust.

Permanent Accommodation for the ISC
The rainy season plus lack of resources have both acted as a damper towards completing the interiors of the upcoming four storey building. September should see a major push to construction. Those members of the IOSS and ISC who have yet to contribute towards this, are requested to send in their donation via Cheques/DDs. at the earliest convenience. The New Year should bring us enough funds to enable us to shift into our new office by early 2012. Cheques/DDs may be sent to the “International Sikh Confederation” Plot No.1, Sector 28-A, Chandigarh. A visit by you would be most welcome.

Finally I humbly appeal to all the existing members of the IOSS and the ISC to kindly renew their membership by paying a paltry sum of 500/- every two years. This supports your executive staffs who have sacrificed their prime time to move out and help supervise our expanding projects. It also supports our small office which is overloaded with work in this fast expanding organisation which is your own. Remember please that we value the eminence and contribution of each and every member of ours. You have lifted the ISC to reasonable heights-now please take it to the summit.


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