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Dr Kharak Singh – One of the Rare Few –

Bhai Ashok Singh*

In Dr Kharak Singh, Panth has lost a dedicated Sikh scholar. A void that is difficult to be filled. I had the opportunity of working with him even before the Institute of Sikh Studies was founded. Late Sardar Daljeet Singh provided me this good fortune when we used to meet at Late Sardar Daljeet Singh’s residence in Sector 9.

Generally people look at Guru Granth Sahib from two different angles/notions. Some study it as ‘Granth’ – a book of knowledge (only). Others who worship it as ‘Guru’, do it with blind faith. Dr Kharak Singh was one of those few who understood the ethos in Gurbani as well as worshipped it as Guru, as we are told:

nebh ;kfjp ;/thn?, nebh gkJhn? wkB ..

Another rare quality in today’s scholars is knowledge of languages. A very few are equally proficient in Punjabi and English. Dr Sahib was one of those rare few.
I have learnt a lot from this man of sweet, affectionate nature. Mild in manner and behaviour, but his writings translated his name ‘yVe’ in content – yVedhnK fbysK.

May Satguru grant us guidance and wisdom so that we may translate his wishes, desires and objectives into reality to the best of our ability.
May his soul rest in peace.



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