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Homage to Courage

Bibi Baljit Kaur*

A humble tribute to a great Sikh visionary, founder of International Sikh Confederation, and nurturer and sustainer of many Sikh institutions and, at the end of life, was considered by many as an Institution in himself:

My homage to courage:

Heads down for those who dared –
to the pace-setter, to the strider,
my homage to the differre
that courage of the few,
that relinquishing of solidarity
in search for the new,
To the path-layer, to the pacer,
to the pioneer, to the tracer,
to the diviner of new vistas,
to the deviator from old ways,
for the price he had to pay.

My homage to that lone voice
heads down for that unrelenting choice
bow down to the stalwarts
amidst the multitude and mob,
a price for conviction, a price for rejection
a price for the ‘nay’ in the congregation of ayes.
That questioning, that why
from nothing every shying
if human dignity was built
and with new lusters enshrined,
it was because of them that dared
evading the beckoning easier snares.
It was due to those who readily stood their ground,
took the last pitch, fought the final round.

My homage to the loser and the price he had to pay
in the attempt of paving a more dignified way,
to the supporter of the hilt, to the wielder of the sword
for putting up that fight for a much cherished cause,
to the way-farer, to the way-finder
to his pointers, to his reminders
like bulwarks they stood,
when the going was not good
that courage of drinking life to the last dreg
then acceptance or rejection only as reasoning said.

My homage to those giants, hats off to that strength
as pillars of granite they stayed
when like weeds the others swayed,
they stood for principles, they fought for a cause,
they signed it with life’s blood.
they paid the full measure.
Their strength and integrity
are a nation’s treasure!


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