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Tributes to a Saint-soldier

Sentiments expressed by acquaintances of Dr Kharak Singh were so profound, touching that we, his family, wanted to preserve these as a priceless gift from our father. So, we requested some to write these down for us. They had either already done it, or would love to do it, or would be honored/privileged to do it. We are highly appreciative and thankful to everyone for each and every word that they have said in honor of our venerated and dear Dr Kharak Singh ji. These sentiments are, indeed, a treasure for us, and we shall treasure these as such.

Reproduced below are excerpts* (for constraint of space), from the messages received, and those too from his recent associates mainly, which speak for themselves about the persona of Dr Kharak Singh ji:

Leaving behind a large number of throbbing well wishers and sympathizers, his departure from this world, set shocking waves of sorrow and grief for the members of our association. He was guide and Guru for us. It is with his blessing and guidance that our Association is functioning nicely for the last 14 years.

Dr Kharak Singh Mann was most respected and very popular among all the residents. He was a great source of strength and a great inspiration for us. He was a very religious intellectual who was very much devoted to cause of Sikhism and started some organisations to strengthen humanity brotherhood. We have lost a great human being, religious leader, philanthropist and scientist. Know Thy Neighbour Association shall remember him always for his great deeds and his services to mankind.

A K Kumar
President, Know Thy Neighbour Association
1005, Phase 4, Mohali


vk ;kfjp B/ nkgD/ ihtB ftZu pj[s T[AuhnK s/ ;[ZuhnK wZbK wkohnK ;B . n?rhebuo fJz;g?eNo d/ nj[Zd/ s'I B"eoh F[o{ eoe/, y/shpkVh Bkb i[Vh d[BhnK dh ;G s'I w[Zy ;z;Ek c{v n?Iv n?rohebuo n"orBkfJ}/FB (:{ n?B U), o'w s' fJeBkfwe n?vtkfJ}o d/ gd sZe gj[zuDk T[BQK dh ekpbhns dk tZvk ;p{s j? . fJ; s'I fJtkbk, foNkfJow?IN fgZS'I T[BQK B/ pj[s ;kohnK Xkofwe s/ ;wkfie ;z;EktK Bkb i[V e/ th pj[s Bkw ewkfJnk .
vkeNo yVe f;zx B/ nkgDk ;kok ihtB fJe non-controversial ftnesh d/ o{g ftZu efNZnk . T[j fJe gstzs/ wjKg[oF d/ Bkb-Bkb fJe dot/F ftnesh th ;B .
All Members
Agriculture Veterans Association
My personal knowledge of him goes back when, in 1950, he was Secretary, Gurdawara Singh Sabha, Model Town, Ludhiana.  As a youngster, I found him very polite, low key person. He asked us, the youngsters, to come to the gurdawara whenever we could after school and do sewa.   During the last 25 years or so, I corresponded with him and would inform him of my achievements as an Amritdhari Sikh, such as, elected and re-elected Member, and later Chairman, Vernon (Conn) Board of Education. He would always acknowledge these humble achievements with very warm sentiments.
I do not have to reiterate his contribution to Sikhism. He stands very tall amongst the Sikh scholars. Of course, his family has lost a great patriarch; Sikhs have lost a stalwart who was a great Sikh.
Amarjit Singh Buttar
Chairman, Vernon (Conn) Board of Education

My biggest regret in life is Why did I not have darshan of this great saint-soldier of his time.  
I personally am going to greatly miss his love and guidance, which he always showered in abundance. He was a man of great vision, knowledge and understanding. As a founder member of the Institute of Sikh Studies, he has done a great service for the Panth and the future generations.  
Col Avtar Singh (retd), Toronto
In 1966, when Haryana was carved out of Punjab, Dr Sahib and myself were transferred to Haryana. Dr Sahib was appointed as Deputy Director, HQ, Haryana.
The Haryanvi Jaats were very dominant and intolerant towards Punjabis holding posts in the newly-formed Haryana. I was M Sc and due for promotion and there were 2 Ph D Jaats, who had the recommendation of the then Minister. But, cutting it short ..., if the proper channel was followed, they could not be hired. Dr Sahib refused the Minister's orders in writing, many times, and stood by me firmly.
If Dr Sahib had not been there I could never be a class 1 officer. I can never forget his favour. I always remember it and shall always do so.
gke E/ ][ddko E/, fJBe/ w[ekf;d Gh p[bzd .
fjzd ek n"o f;Zy'I ek ;o fJ; B/ eo fdnk p[bzd ..
Mr B D Bhai
Jt Director (retd), Plant Protection, Haryana
nkg r[od[nkok ebrhXo f;zx ;Gk c/i - 4 d/ ekch ;wK gqXkB oj/ . fJj gqXkBrh gZd nkg B/ r[o{d[nko/ ;kfjp dh ;zrs dh p/Bsh gqtkB eod/ j'fJ ;zGkbh ns/ nkg dh fBrokBh j/m r[od[nkok ;kfjp tb'I ¿;{uBk gfsqekÀ wjhB/tko gouk ikoh eokT[D ftZu nkg tb'I r[od[nkok ;kfjp d/ ezw-eki ftZu ;[Xko ns/ transparancy fbnkT[D bJh fJe ;/X dk ezw eo fojk j? .
r[od[nkok c/i - 4 ftZu gJ/ T[BQK dh nfszw nodk; ftZu Fkwb j'J/ b'eK dk nfsnzs fJeZm ns/ d/; gqd/; dhnK T[xhnK ;]FhnsK tb'I FoXKibh ti'I, T[BQK dk ;opgZyh ihtB ;zpzXh xNBktK dk toBD fJe gftZso nkswk dk ihtB Mbekok ;h, fJe p/bkr fJB;kB dh y{p;{os fJB;kBhns ;h ns/ fJe T[u/ ;[Zu/ f;Zy dk ufoZso T[b/y nkg dh ;]Fhns okjhI ;h, fijVh ;]Fhns fJe okj-d;kT{ ukBD-w[Bkok ;h ns/ oj/rh .
S Bachan Singh Mundra
President, Gurdwara, Phase 4, Mohali
vkeNo yVe f;zx Gkos d/ nfij/ wjkB ;gZ[so ;B fiBQK B/ nkgDh fwjBs ns/ ekpbhns ;dek ;koh d[BhnK ftZu nkgD/ d/F dk BK T[uk ehsk j? . T[BQK B/ y/shpkVh s/ nXkfos d/F dh noE ftt;Ek B{z ;jh okj s/ s'oB ns/ wip{s pDkT[D bJh ftF/F :'rdkB fdZsk . :{ n?B U ftZu y/shpkVh nkofEesk d/ wkfjo ti'I th T[BQK wjZstg{oB ;/tk fBGkJh . go T[jBK dk ;G s'I wjkB ns/ ;dk :kd oZyD :'r ekoi f;Zy Xow, f;Zy fJfsjk; ns/ f;Zy ihtB iKu d/ y/so ftZu ehsk frnk y'i ekoi ns/ f;Zy Xkofwe cb;c/ s/ gquko ftZu fBGkJh rJh wjZstg{oB G{fwek j? .
y/shpkVh ftfrnkBh ti'I T[j fJ; ekoi Bkb i[V/ oj/ j'D wro'I T[j nkgD/ sB wB ns/ XB Bkb f;Zy y/so ftZu ekoro oj/ . fJeZfbnK fJe ;z;Ek fizBK ezw eoBk vkeNo yVe f;zx ih dh ;]Fhns dk ewkb ;h .
Dean, Prof Dr Baljit Kaur,
Faculty of Language, GNDU, Amritsar
Asso Dean, GNDU Regional Campus, Jalandhar
T[j pj[w[Zyh gqfsGk d/ wkbe ;B . T[jBK B/ d/F-ftd/F dhnK T[u ;z;EktK ftZu ekoi eoe/ pj[s BwkDk yZfNnk . nkgD/ ihtB ekb ftZu T[BQK fizBh gzE dh ;/tk ehsh j? T[j ;kv/ ;kfonK d/ ;kjwD/ j? . fJz;NhfuT{N nkc f;Zy ;NZvh} ns/ fJzNoB?FBb f;Zy eBc?vo/FB B{z ;zrmB eoB ftZu nDEZe fwjBs ehsh s/ d't/ ;z;EKtK B{z uzrhnK w}p{s bhjK s/ s'fonk . f;Zy gzE Bkb ;pzfXs w;fbnK pko/ T[BQK d/ ftuko pVQ/ ;gFN j'fJnk eod/ ;B . T[BQK d/ ftuko nZi ns/ nkT[D tkb/
;w/I ftZu ;kv/ ;kfonK bJh pj[s bkj/tzd ;kps j'Dr/ . T[jBK B/ fJBK ftfFnK s/ eJh ;?whBko eotkJ?, nekb ubkD/ s'I 15 e[ fdB gfjbK w?I s/ ;odko tfonkw f;zx T[BQK dk jkb g[SD bJh nkJ/ ;K, T[d'I th T[BK B/ i' gq'i?eN S'j/ ;B, T[; pko/ th uouk eod/ oj/ fe f;o/ uVQ rJ/, ns/ fijV/ ni/ nX{o/ ofjzd/ jB, ezw fet/I eoB/ jB .
T[BQK ed/ th T[uh p'b e/ iK X"I; Bkb nkgD/ ftuko BjhI fdZs/, ;r'I pVh jh jbhwh go fdqVsk dh gfjo/dkoh ehsh . T[j ;kv/ bJh ukBD w[Bkok ;B .
Dr Balwant Singh Dhillon
GNDU, Amritsar
vkeNo yVe f;zx j'oK dh ekoiFhbsk f;Zy edoK ehwsK B{z gquko eoB ftZu jh BjhI, T[;B{z ngDkT[D ftZu th ;h . T[jBK f;Zy Xow dh ofjDh-pfjDh B{z ngDkT[D bJh gq/fonk . T[j f;Zy Xow B{z fgnko d/, ftuko d/, gquko d/ jh BjhI, ;r'I nwb th eod/ ;B .
f;Zy edoK ehwsK bkr{ eoB bJh T[BQK nkgD/ iBw s'I b? e/ pkp/ pekb/, bkfJbg[o, fco ftd/FK ftZu ns/ ;/tk w[es j'D s'I pknd th j'o tX/o/ fFZds ns/ sBd/jh Bkb fgSb/ thj ;kb f;Zy e"w B{z ;wofgs ehs/ . T[jBK dh gzEe ;/tk ftZu vkeNo yVe f;zx d/ gfotko ns/ ftF/F eoe/ T[BQK dh Xow gsBh dk pj[s tZvk :'rdkB j? . vkeNo yVe f;zx ns/ T[BQK d/ xo dk dotk}k ;h i' d/F-ftd/F s'I nkT[D tkb/ ftdtkBK s/ wfjwkBK bJh jw/FK y[Zbk ofjzdk ;h . vkeNo ;kfjp B{z ;G s'I tZvh ;oXKibh fJj j'J/rh fe T[BQK dh ;'u s/ gfjok d/JhJ/ ns/ T[jBK d/ S'j/ ezwK B{z nrKj s'ohJ/ . nkgDhnK fbysK okjhI T[j jw/FK ;kv/ Bkb ofjDr/ .
T[j nwo jB! nwo jB!! nwo jB!!!
Sardar Bhag Singh Ankhi
Chief Secretary, Chief Khalsa Diwan
I loved him; I respected him; he was a great person! It's a misfortune that most of us have drifted away from Sikh principles, but Dr Kharak Singh ji was one person who followed these sincerely in life.
Gurmukhs never die; they go to their Divine Home.
Sardar Bhagwant Singh Dalawari
Tapovan, Amravati
The impact of Dr Kharak Singh ji's self-less, dedicated service to the Panth was felt far and wide. I, from California, am the living example of that. He was my inspiration.
Bir Ishwar Singh Grewal, California
Former 1st Exec Comm Member, WSO
President, Interfaith Charities International
vkeNo ;kfjp dhnK gzEe ;/tktK, yk; eoe/ gzE B{z dog/F ;wf;nktK ns/ ysfonK dh fBFkB d/jh eoe/ nkgD/ ftdtkB fwsoK Bkb fwbe/ T[BQK d/ jb bJh sohe/ bZGD dhnK ;/tktK B{z :kd ehsk iKdk oj/rk . T[BQK B/ gzE d/ ;ko/ p[ZXhihth, ;/tk w[es nkJh J/ n?;, nkJh ;h gh, T[u nfXekoh, vkeNo, iZi, ftdtkBK s/ eko'pkohnK B{z fJe ;z;Ek okjhI fJeZmk eod/ j'J/ ;kfonK d/ r[DK s/ :'rsk dk bkG T[mk e/ gzE bJh e[M m'; eoB dk :sB ehsk .
Dr Charan Kamal Singh
Chief Secretary, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Ldh
Sikh nation lost a great scholar and a perfect dedicated gentleman, hard to find such people in the world. He will be remembered in the history in the years to come!
Dilawar S Dhatt , USA
Dr Kharak Singh was a many-faceted personality  a colossus, indeed. There was always a constant stream of visitors who wanted to be associated with him so that some of his enormous energy may rub off onto them. He had enormous patience and vision and was always encouraging and building others. He would greet the most ordinary visitor by getting up from his chair with a sincere smile and due respect, and responded with love and goodwill towards all.
Dr Kharak Singh routinely attended scores of meetings, went to other stations for important panthic discussions where he was invited inevitably for his valuable suggestions and views, which carried weight in the highest quarters. He never exhibited his importance but in his quietude and balanced judgment, he was very impressive and effective.
Gajindar Singh
2983, Phase VII, Mohali
vkeNo yVe f;zx ih pV/ jh fBZx/, fgnko ns/ gqfsGkFkbh ftdtkB ;B . :{ n?B U torh ftFt ;z;Ek ftZu ezw eoB ;edk T[BQK dk B}ohnk, ;'u ns/ fuzsB nzso okFNoh gZXo sZe fte;s ;h . T[j gzikp nzdo g/F u[B"shnK ns/ n"eVK B{z fJe fJbkekJh B[esk fBrkj s'I BjhI pbfe ftFt gZXo d/ ftfrnkBe B}o s'I d/yd/ ns/ BfiZmD bJh ;/X fdzd/ ;B . nfij/ ;]F d/F ns/ e"w dk ;owkfJnk j[zd/ jB . n?; ih gh ;h d/ Xow gquko B{z ftfrnkBe ns/ T[;ko{ ;/X d/D tkb/ w?Ipo ;B ns/ fJe T[;ko{ ;/X tZb b? ikD dk f;jok th T[BQK B{z jh iKdk j? .
T[jBK d[nkok fJz;NhfuT{N nkc f;Zy ;NZvh} ;Ekfgs eoBk, Bkb T[;B{z ubkT[D bJh nkg d;tzX gkT[Dk, nkgD/ ;ko/ ;zpzXK ns/ ;q'sK B{z fJ; ;z;Ek B{z ubkT[D ns/ gqc[fbs eoB ftZu Bkb bkT[Dk, T[BQK dh fBo-;tkoE gzEe ;/tk dh ;'u ;h . Gkt/I T[BQK dk ftFk y/shpkVh ns/ nkofEesk ;h go nkgDh fizdrh dk fJe tZvk fjZ;k T[BK ftFt ftnkgh ;z;EktK ftZu eowFhb j[zfdnK fpskfJnk, go gzikp gos e/ e[M jh tfoQnK ftZu T[BK fJ; soQK nkgD/ y'i ekoiK ns/ gzfEe ;/tKtK B{z c?bkfJnk fe gzikp d/ ftdtkB, oki;h B/sk ns/ eow :'rhnK B/ T[BK B{z pj[s wkD pyfFnk . T[j ;kfonK d/ ;KM/ ;B ns/ T[BQK dh ;jh ;/X, T[;ko{ ;'u ns/ ngDs ;dek ;ko/ T[jBK d/ Bkb uZbD s/ wkD wfj;{; eod/ ;B .
Sardar Gurbachan Singh Bachan
Ex-General Secretary, SGPC, Amritsar
Dr Sahib would always receive courteously with a smile and handshake, and make one feel at ease, offering a cup of tea. Leaving aside work in hand, he would answer your questions or, if discussions on some topic were already on, ask you to join. His knowledge on Sikhism and Sikh history was very wide and, any time, keen interest in and dedication to Panthic affairs could be felt immediately. His contribution to literature on subjects concerning the future of Sikh quam, and on Sikhism is of encyclopedic proportions.
Around 2002, he was requested unanimously to take charge as President, Gurdwara Ph 4, Mohali. He introduced transparency in activities and accounts  a model that should be followed by all gurdwaras.
It is very sad, indeed, that he is no longer with us.
Sardar Gurcharan Singh Sethi
Member, IOSS
In passing away of Dr Kharak Singh Mann, Punjab has lost a fine agricultural scientist, a revered Sikh scholar and historian. As an undergraduate student at the Government Agricultural College, Ludhiana, during 1950s I had the privilege of attending a class taught by Professor Mann. His eloquent lectures inspired and motivated me and many other students to go for higher studies. Several of those students became outstanding leaders in agricultural research and education, and played a key role in Green Revolution. There was no statistician on the college faculty at that time. Professor Mann was a self-taught statistician and many M Sc students sought his guidance in analyzing their research data. He was most generous in helping whoever sought his help.
When the Government Agricultural College was converted into Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Professor Mann was selected to go for higher studies at the Ohio State University in USA. He obtained Ph D degree in agricultural economics in record short time. Upon return to PAU, Dr Mann played a key role in establishing the extension wing of the University and established linkages with rural Punjab. My wife Harwant who grew up in Baddowal village tells me that whenever Dr Mann visited, village children used to run to greet uncle Mann.
Dr Kharak Singh Mann is no longer with us but his legacy for spearheading the establishment of the Institute of Sikh Studies and International Sikh Confederation will live on forever.
Dr Gurdev S Khush, FRS
Adjunct Professor, University of California, Davis, USA
Dr Kharak Singh was a father figure for me. Whenever I got the chance to see him his elderly and affectionate hand would automatically touch my head in the manner of old village tradition of Punjab and I always cherished it.
Now after his departure, I feel that one more elderly hand has been snatched from us.
Dr Gurnam Kaur
Prof, Pbi Univ, Patiala
His house was undoubtedly a second house not only for me alone but also for all Alumni from Pakistan. In the death of Dr Sahib I have lost a personal friend, whose love and affection would be remembered for all times to come by all Pakistani friends.
Dr Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, Pakistan
Dr Kharak Singh ji enjoyed extremely good health, courtesy his balanced diet and regular physical fitness regime. All the medical examinations would reveal that, even at the age of 86, his heart was like that of a young man s.
He had no fear of any disease; he took pride in this. When about three years back, his prostate cancer was detected, he said, I have mentally prepared myself to leave this world. No regrets.  And he went ahead with his Panthic sewa with ever more vigour, as if in a bid to utilize every second of the countdown that had begun! But for the cancer, which was beyond him, he would have easily lived a healthy man for at least another 15 years!
His warmth and love made me feel as if I am his iklauta bacha (the only child).
Dr Hardyal Singh Padda
Family Doctor
My relationship with Dr Kharak Singh ji was that of guru-chela.
My debt to Dr Kharak Singh Ji is all that I know in my heart. It is too personal and intimate to put into words. He did save me in my difficult times. Not once but twice. I did once refer to this matter. But, like a true Sikh, he never wanted that I should refer to that issue. His left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. He was a silent man, shying away from publicity.
Whenever I was misunderstood by Sikhs and/or Bengalis, and was emotionally upset, he provided the sympathetic healing touch. He was like a banyan tree.
I always visualize him sitting amongst thousands of books, working silently  in the Singh Sabha tradition. He is the last of the Singh Sabhaites. What a void he has created!
He was a saint-soldier, the one-man army, sawa lakh of Guru s fauj.
Himadri Banerjee, Bengal
vkeNo yVe f;zx, nkX[fBe :[Zr ftZu, f;Zy e"w dh n}hw ;]Fhns j' r[io/ jB . T[BQK B/ nkgD/ ihtB dh T[;koh, efmB fwjBs, f;oV d/ f;de Bkb ehsh .
nkg ih dh ;yFhns r[owfs d/ ;Ku/ ftZu Ybh j'Jh ;h . nkg jw/FK jh fJe rshFhb, ;zxoF;hb s/ ikro{e ftnesh d/ o{g ftZu ftuo/ . r[owfs dh fJj f;oiBksfwe ftukoXkok vkeNo yVe f;zx d/ ihtB dh nrtkJh eodh ojh . T[j jw/FK jh gzikp dhnK ;wZf;nktK gqsh ;[u/s oj/ .
vkeNo yVe f;zzx ih dk ftFtk; ;h fe e"w d/ nkr{nK B{z ftt/e p[ZX s'I ezw b?Dk ukjhdk j? . }o{oh BjhI j? fe jo ekoi bJh w'ou/ bkJ/ ikD s/ e"w dh Fesh B{z }kfJnk ehsk ikt/ .
T[BQK dh ;yFhns wB[Zyh gqfsGk dhnK n;hw ;zGktBktK ns/ wkBf;e s/ p"fXe ftek; dh f;]o dk gqshe ;h . T[j T[uh ;[os, brB tkbh nzfwqsXkoh ;yFhns d/ wkbe ;B . T[BQK dh ;]Fhns ftZu ftt/e, uVQdh ebk tkbh rshFhb ;'u, gqekFwJh ihtB i[rs, fBwosk, ;po, f;de, soeFhb gqfeosh s/ r[o{ dh fbt, nkfd, sZs Fkwb ;B . T[BQK B/ gftZso ftneshnK d/ ;kE ftZu r[owfs d/ fBoG?sk d/ nkr{ dh sbkF ehsh s/ fBoG? gowkswk d/ nB[Gt dk nBzd wkfDnk ns/ r[o{ rqzE ;kfjp ih dh ftukoXkok s/ nwb eoe/ nkgDh ihtB :ksok ;cab ehsh . j/m fbfynk r[opkDh dk c[owkB T[BQK d/ ihtB s/ Y[Zedk j? L
;dk ;dk nBzd[, G/fNU fBoG? r'fpzd, ;[y BkBe bkX/ jfo uoB goksk ..
;cb ;cb GJh ;cb iksqk nktD ikD oj/, fwb/ ;kXk .. (gzBk 687)
Dr Inderjeet Singh Vasu
Principal (retd), Phagwara
vkeNo yVe f;zx, i' fe f;Zy ftdtkBK ftZu'I fJe gqw[Zy j;sh ;B, B{z f;Zyh dh r[Vsh fto;/ ftZu fwbh . foNkfJo j' e/ fto;/ ftZu'I fwb/ ;z;ekoK B/ ns/ f;Zy Xow ftZu nkfJnK e[ohshnK B/ nkg B{z f;Zyh bJh ezw eoB bJh gq/fonk . fJz;NhfuT{N nkc f;Zy ;NZvh} d/ T[dxkNB ;w/I T[BQK w?B{z th :kd ehsk . T[sFkj fJzBk ;h fe fJ; dh fJwkos th ni/ nZXtkN/ ;h . w?I Gkt/I f;Zy ftdtkBK ftZu'I BjhI go fco th fgzrbtkV/ d/ ;/tkdko j'D d/ Bks/ T[j w?B{z wkD pyFd/ oj/ . b'eK B{z f;Zyh dh ;jh ftnkfynk dZ;D bJh T[BQK B/ fJe ioBb F[o{ ehsk ns/ d' feskpK fbyhnK fiBK d/ BkwK s'I T[BQK dk wzst ;wM nkT[Idk j?L
Fundamental Issues in Studies and Recent Researches in Sikhism
f;Zy ftdtkBK dk co} j? fe vkeNo yVe f;zx d/ okj s/ s[oe/ nkw b'eK B{z f;Zyh d/ w[Yb/ n;{bK s'I ikD{ eotkfJnk ikt/ .
Dr Inderjit Kaur
President, Pingalwara, Amritsar
eEBh ns/ eoBh dk ;{ok ;B vkeNo yVe f;zx . vkeNo ;kfjp B{z d/F ns/ b'eK d/ fjZsK bJh ;zxoF eoB dh o[uh fto;/ ftZu'I jh fwb rJh ;h . fco fjzwsh B"itkB B/ nkgD/ fwE/ NhfunK B{z sB, wB ns/ XB Bkb g{ok eofdnK nkgDk ihtB bk fdZsk . fJjBK dh Bt/ebh rb fJj ;h fe fJj fi; y/so Bkb o{j-p-o{j j'J/ ;B T[; Bkb g{oh soQK gqshpZX j'J/ . nkgDh Xosh B{z y/shpkVh ftZu BthnK seBheK s/ Bt/I wkvbK Bkb ;o;ko ehsk. Bkb Bkb f;Zy ;zebg d/ ft;Eko tZb th o[uh tXk bJh . fJ; y/so ftZu th v{zxh y'i dk ezw nozfGnk . w[jkbh fty/ T[jBK Bfws nk:'fis FoXKibh ;wko'j ftZu ;pzfXs nbZr nbZr ;z;EktK, ftdtkBK ns/ T[BQK d/ ftfdnkoEhnK, fwsoK ns/ ;B/jhnK B/ T[BK dh ;zs[bs, ;Zuh-;Z[uh frnkBtkB ns/ rshFhb ;'u B{z ;bkj[fdnK j'fJnK i' FoXk d/ c[b G/N ehs/ ;kvk T[jBK gqsh f;o M[e iKdk j? . vkeNo yVe f;zx torhnK pj[gZyh gqfsGk tkbhnk ;]FhnsK ftobhnK jh j[zdhnK jB .
Dr Iqbal Kaur & Prof Narotam Singh
Ex-Chairperson, Bhagat Nam Dev Chair, GNDU
& Sarhali College, resp.

s//o/ s[o ikD s'I pknd, w?I :shw, p/;jkok j' frnk ,,,
fJj e';/ nZEo{ nZyhnK d/, nZi :kd s/oh ftZu feod/ B/ .
bZy e'fFF ehsh o'eD dh, fJj pkrh j'J/ fcod/ B/ .
Iqbal Singh, A sponsored Student
MA Part II, PU, Chandigarh,
With Dr Sahib s departure, the Sikh Jagat has lost our most eminent scholar, who was adored, respected and held in the highest esteem by all those who came into his contact through his writings, speeches or personal contact. Dr Sahib established many National and International organisations through which he propagated the eternal message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, viz., the unity of mankind. God Almighty had blessed Dr Sahib with Rare Wisdom and Practical Insight into life s most complex problems. With these gifts, he succeeded in uniting even those persons and organisations that held divergent views on extremely important issues to agree with each other in the overall interest of the Sikh Panth. Dr Sahib s name and fame shall ever remain shinning in the world for all times to come.
Maj Gen Iqbal Singh Sethi (retd)
President, Guru Nanak Mission, Noida
Chairman, Gurmat Prachar Trust, New Delhi
I am Tiger  according to Dr Kharak Singh ji, my grandfather, who loved me a lot as I am the youngest of all his grandchildren.
I think he was the greatest person with supernatural characteristics. Any person famous or any big personality would seem to lose his/her characteristics when in his presence.
He faced all kinds of challenges in life with calm nature but with great actions. I pray to God to make his Tiger  like him.
I respect him, learnt from him, and most of all, I loved him and will always love him. MY PAPAJI GREATEST !
Jaikar Singh, Grandson
A long time ago... probably in the 1970 s or thereabouts, I met Dr Kharak Singh ji Mann in Italy in a wayward restaurant. When Dr Sahib found out that I was a young giani from Malaysia with Sikhi parchaar through example  sikh rehnni behnni, Kharak Singh ji launched into a passionate vision  of what Sikhi and Sikhs needed to do to advance forwards  instead of ever stepping backwards . I came away very impressed that an Agriculturist  attached to the FAO could also be so very much attached  to a subject far removed from his field of expertise. Dr Sahib ji displayed a true sense of sikh rehnni behnni  Sikhi by example, and it was  a valuable lesson   I never really forgot.
Fast Forward & to 2001... nearly four decades after our first meeting.... I was surprised one night to receive a call from a Dr Kharak Singh from Chandigarh  ... somehow he had managed to get hold of my details ... Soon I was receiving a long and passionate vision  that Dr Sahib ji was putting forward to me  the much-needed Apex Body (now International Sikh Confederation). This is the Legacy of Dr Kharak Singh ji (and his esteemed colleagues in the IOSS) to the Future Generations of Sikhs. He truly was a Visionary with a Mission  Chardikala of the Guru Khalsa Panth and the Guru Granth. 
Jarnail Singh Gyani   Arshi 
He worked very hard to present the correct perspective of Sikhism on a world Level. He was an institution in himself and would be remembered for his outstanding services in Sikh studies.
Jasbir Singh Mann, California
Dr Kharak Singh ji was an eminent personality among Sikhs. He started his professional career as an Agricultural Scientist and rose to the position of Advisor to FAO of the United Nations. After, retirement, he started his life as a Sikh intellectual and with hard work, dedication and blessing of Guru Ram Dass ji became the best scholar of Sikhism.
In his death, the Sikh Panth has lost a great visionary who taught the Sikh masses about the basic concepts/tenets of Sikhism. His writings, composed in books and journals, will guide the Sikh Panth in the years to come.
Jasjit Singh Samundri, IFS
Conservator Forest, Punjab
Sometimes an incident or influence of an eminent personality changes one s life. It happened with me too. When I went for my Interview in Institute of Sikh Studies, I had no idea that I was going in the shelter of a highly qualified and noble-hearted boss. During the interview, I told the Interviewer that I belong to a rural area and my command over English is not very good. His response made a deep impression on my mind: No body knows everything by birth, everybody learns while working somewhere.  Such a nice person!  was the first thought in my mind about Dr Kharak Singh ji.
I have now being working with Dr Kharak Singh ji for the last 10 years. During this period, as expected, I did makes mistakes. But he never shouted at me; rather, like a father teaches his son, he would softly correct me and also explain the meaning.
While working with Dr Kharak Singh ji, I never felt that I am working in an office; it was like a second home to me. On the news of his demise, I could not control my tears. An Ideal Boss, he will remain in my heart forever.
Jaswant, IOSS
A visionary with a golden heart;
Helpful attitude with utmost sincerity;
A man with diverse qualities;
Having strong convictions, yet very flexible and soft in argument;
High level of tolerance and acknowledgement of others  views;
Achieved highest standards of academics, excelled in career;
Simple and dignified life style;
Extreme fitness and regular exercise regime;
Enjoyed extremely honest reputation;
No ego, lots of humbleness;
He lived wholesome life, excelled in every sphere of life, yet he chose to dedicate his retirement for the charhdi kala of the Panth. Devoted all his time and resources for this purpose  yet never wanted anything in return. A truly selfless person, a rare individual. He was so occupied and busy all the time, he virtually had no time to die.
People will come and go  but we will never find a man like Dr Kharak Singh, whom we called Papaji.
Jatinder Singh, Son-in-Law
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T[BQK Bk e/tb w/o/ jh ;[fjod fwZso ns/ ;bkjeko ;B ;r'I jo fJe d/ jh ;B . T[j fJe fizw/tko fgsk ns/ ewkb d/ gsh ;B . T[BQK dh wfjwkB fBtk}h dk i[nkp BjhI ;h, T[j nwho ns/ rohp ftZu osk th coe BjhI ;B ;wMd/ . T[BQK d/ ub/ ikD Bkb i' xkNk ns/ ybkn g?dk j'fJnk j?, T[j ed/ th g{fonk BjhI ik ;edk .
Sardar Jugraj Singh Gill
Ex-MLA, Ex-Chairman, Punjab Mandi Board
I met Dr Kharak Singh ji a few times and found him to be a really devoted Sikh. I have known Dr Kharak Singh as the best-informed contemporary on Sikhism, and have great respect and admiration for his scholarship. It is a grievous loss, his passing away.
K S Duggal, MP
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Sardar Karamjit Singh
Convenor, Punjabi Editors Forum
Ex-Assistant Editor, Punjabi Tribune
vkeNo ;kfjp efjzd/ j[zd/ ;B fe nzd'bBK dh EK i/ b'e okJ/ okjhI ;oeko T[s/ dpkn tXkfJnk ikt/ sK nZieZbQ d/ whvhnk d/ }wkB/ ftZu ;oekoK nzsookFNoh pdBkwh s'I vo e/
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f;Zy fJfsjk; ftZu gfjbh tko j'fJnk j? fe ;kpek vh ;h, th ;h, ioB?b, eoB?b, vkeNo, gq'c?;o, b/ye, ebkeko, ftfrnkBe, iZi ns/ ftdtkBK B/ f;Zy GkJhuko/ gqsh fuzsB j' e/, nkgD/ nDikD, G'b/ ns/ ghVs f;Zy GoktK dh ;ko bJh j't/l e"w d/ jB/o/ GftZy dh fuzsk eoe/, ;kofEe ftXh-ftXkB T[bhfenk j't/ . fJj T[geko j? vkeNo yVe f;'zx ih dk ns/ T[j th T[gekoh ;ZiD jB, fijV/ fJBQK ekoiK bJh yVe f;zx ih dhnK pkjtK pD/ .
Sardar Karamjit Singh Aujla
Editor, Sewa Lehar, Ludhiana
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Sardar Kartar Singh Goshti
Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh
T[jBK dk ;kok ihtB ;qh r[o{ rqzE ;kfjp ih dh f;Zfynk B{z gqukoB ns/ gq;koD bJh :sBFhb ;h . T[BQK tb'I f;Zy gzE Bkb ;pzXs eotkJ/ rJ/ ;?whBko :kdrkoh ;kps j'J/ . f;Zy gzE tb'I bkr{ ehs/ rJ/ BkBeFkjh e?bzvo T[BQK dk ftF/F :'rdkB ;h.
Principal Khushal Singh
Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Chandigarh
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fdzd/ . ;G bJh fJe B}o oZyD tkbh fJj e'Jh wjkB nkswk ;h . ;ohoe s"o s/ Gkt/I T[j ;kB{z ftS'Vk d/ rJ/ jB go wjkB nkswk jw/FK nwo ofjzdh j? .
Kuldip Kaur Mann
Immediate Neighbor
f;Zy cab;c/a, f;Zy Xow, f;Zy fJfsjk; ns/ f;Zy f;XKsK d/ gfjo/dko, fJe wjkB fuzse, n}hw j;sh ns/ gfogZe b/ye,fiBQK dh o{j/ otK fBo;zd/j vkeNo yVe f;zx jh jB . nkg ih nkgD/ nzfsw ;tk;K sZe f;Zyh f;de ns/ ns/ r[ow[y ;]Fhns dk fJe p/fw;kb ;szG pD e/ fBso/ . nfijhnK oFe:'r j;shnK dk ;dhth ftS'Vk tkeJh p/jZd d[ZydkJh j'fJnk eodk j? . T[BQK dh p/i'V xkbDk ns/ gzE gq;sh B{z fustfdnK fpqr/v dh ekoiekoBh T[BQK B{z jkofde FoXk-;[wB G/IN eodh j? .
Kulwant Kaur
Mai Bhago Brigade (regd),Patiala
Dr Kharak Singh, a Saintly Visionary, was one of the brightest brains and divine soul I have met in my life. A devout Sikh and a secular person, he had no ego problem in sharing his views with people even having opposite stand. His erudite discussions and healthy debates carried to logical end earned him credit, name and fame. An agricultural Scientist by training and profession, he had a strong aptitude for humanities and dedicated himself to Sikh studies. A man of wisdom, his child-like innocence and ever-smiling face generated the integrity of his personality. Emerging from the grass-root level of rural Punjab, he had a vision to comprehend future problems of the life situation for the Sikhs as a minority in India and the challenges they have to face for survival. He has a realistic approach to strive for Sikh solidarity at the global level. His contribution in the establishment of the Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, Abstracts of Sikh Studies (journal) and International Sikh Confederation are noteworthy examples of his hard work to transfer ideas into reality. Besides an eminent agricultural scientist and scholar of Sikhism, he was a humanist and philanthropist. He was a kind hearted soul. He helped young and old without reservation in need of sustenance, advice and counseling.
Prof Madanjit Kaur (retd)
Chairperson, Guru Gobind Singh Chair,
Guru Nanak Studies, GNDU, Amritsar
Dr Kharak Singh Mann was a great visionary with a perfect balance of intellect, religious ideology & modern perception. If he had not been in the Dharam Prachar Committee, the script of my first film Khalsa  depicting the history of Khalsa would not have been realized. It is a great loss to our entire Sikh community & a great setback to many historical projects, which would have required Dr Mann's exemplary vision & balanced approach to preserve & project our unique heritage, through the befitting electronic means of our times. It is extremely ironical & sad that today, when we require numerous awakened souls like Dr Kharak Singh in today's confusing religious environment, infested with fundamentalism, we lost him.
Mangal Singh Dhillon
Actor & Film Maker
Dr Kharak Singh ji has been the foremost representative face of modern Sikh scholarship. The Institute of Sikh Studies that he established at Chandigarh attracted almost all the scholars interested in Sikh Studies. The nefarious attempts and misleading notions of certain Western Scholars, who could also influence and embrace certain Sikh scholars, were rebutted emphatically and logically by Dr Kharak Singh and his associates. He also single-handedly edited and brought out the Abstracts of Sikh Studies  a very scholarly journal.
Ordinarily, we see that the Sikh intellectuals are devoid of devotion; they only work in accordance with their intellect. But Religion is one sphere where no real study can be done without devotion. Dr Kharak Singh was blessed with both  devotion as well as intellect. He was a devoted devout Sikh and I have the privilege of working with him as Secretary, SGPC, Dharam Prachar Committee, of which he was a distinct member.
A project was also given to him by Sardar Gurcharan Singh ji Tohra and myself to write the Sikh History (in 5 volumes) from the Sikh perspective, which he undertook very sincerely. Two volumes are ready, and now he was simultaneously working on the third as well as the fourth volumes.
He also thought of Sikh diaspora and wished to co-ordinate Panthic and religious activities of Sikhs all over the world, so that modern-day challenges could be met more effectively. For this, he constituted the International Sikh Confederation, of which I am privileged to be a member of the interim Executive Committee.
His loss is not only to his family, but also to Sikh scholarship as well as the entire Sikh Panth.
Manjit Singh Calcutta
Ex-Minister for Education & Language, Pb Govt
Ex-General Secretary, SGPC, Amritsar
I was saddened to learn of Dr Kharak Singh s passing on but felt privileged that I had first met him and obtained his counsel many years ago when I had launched a campaign for Sikh women s right to seva. More recently, I met Dr Kharak Singh earlier this year when he showed youthful enthusiasm, hope and aspiration for the Confederation of Sikh Organizations, and urged the United Sikhs to play an active role.
Birendra, you are very fortunate to have a khazana as a dad.
Mejindarpal Kaur
Director, United Sikhs
Dr Kharak Singh ji was a wonderful friend, and social and religious guide. He loved and respected everyone, and commanded the same in reciprocal. His social behavior was very affectionate and impressive to such an extent that one could never say No' to his suggestions. It is very hard to describe his traits and humane qualities in words.
He was a great visionary, and much advanced in his views on religious matters. He was very much interested to create a social fund so that no Sikh should remain without suitable education or face poverty.
Due to his sincere efforts, he was able to bring together so many wonderful personalities to work together in the organizations, Institute of Sikh Studies and International Sikh Confederation. This is a great milestone, and Dr Kharak Singh ji will be remembered forever on this achievement.
Dr Milkha Singh Brar
B V Sc, M V Sc, Australia
I am no writer. All I can say is that I feel like an orphan at Dr Sahib s demise. During his recent illness, when he started to recover for a short period, he started to sit out in the lawn in the evenings as he use to do before his illness. On seeing him back in the lawn, it would appear to me as if a thousand suns have risen in the sky.
But, alas, this was short-lived!
Sardar Mohan Singh Mann
Immediate Neighbor
Dr Kharak Singh ji was an enlightened genius person, full of fundamental aspects of human goodness. A real Karam Yogi' who was truly following the ideals of Sikhi of naam japna, kirt karna, wand chhakna. I am without any doubt that Dr Sahib was in the stage of a real gurmukh as defined in 8th pauri of Sukhmani Sahib. 
Every moment of his life has been a treasure to his family as well as to the long chain of his friends. Doctor Sahib was, to me, like a father, close guide, teacher of Divinity & Sikh history, and the founder of Vanjara Mission. He polished and encouraged my ideas on various aspects of youth developmental profiles and the welfare of Vanjaras.
I cannot explain clearly how much I have personally lost in his demise. The only satisfaction is derived that such Brahamgiani figure of Panth must be sitting in eternal peace in the sacred lap of Waheguru Ji in the Sachkhand.
Mohinder Singh,
Secretary, Vanjara Trust, Chandigarh
T[j f;oc o;sk jh BjhI ;B ftykT[Id/, pbfe uzr/ ;[Mkn d/ e/ w/ohnK ewhnK B{z th d{o eod/ ;B .
ekF ! T[j nZi ;kv/ ftZu j[zd/! T[BQK dk d[ydkJh ftS'Vk gfotko tk;s/ sK d[ydkJh j? jh, go ;w[Zuh e"w B{z T[j tZvk xkNk d/ e/ rJ/ jB, i' ed/ th g{ok BjhI ehsk ik ;edk, feT[Ife T[BQK tork fJwkBdko, fwjBsh, ;kc fdb, fJfsjk; B{z ikBD tkbk, brB, fwjBsh, gZe/ fJokd/ Bkb ezw eoB tkbk ns/ nkgDh }z[w/tkoh ;wMD tkbk ftnkesh bZGDk w[Ffeb j't/rk .
Mohinder Singh Grewal
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI
The news of Dr Kharak Singh s death came as a bolt from the blue. The last time I saw him was in Chandigarh about two years ago; I had been invited to speak at a Seminar in Patiala; Dr Kharak Singh and I travelled together to Patiala.
Although I only met Dr Kharak Singh on a few occasions, my acquaintance with him, through his writings, extended over many years. He was a distinguished scholar. His knowledge, his grasp of the Sikh religion, as a revealed religion, distinct from earlier Indian or other world traditions, and its history, was prodigious. The precision of his language and the clarity of his views made his books compulsory reading. I always relied heavily on the material in his books whenever I had occasion to speak or write about Sikhs and their religion.
His unique contribution to the debate about Sikhs, their heritage, their distinct identity, may well be his epitaph.
Justice Mota Singh
Member, Queen s Council, UK
gzikp dh nkB, f;zxK dh FkB, ikD/ T[BQk B{z d[BhnK ijkB .
fJj' fij/ ;B gkgk ih ;kv/  ;odko yVe f;zx wkB .

xo fiBQK d/ ;G s'I T[uh j? wZs, r[o{nK torh fdzd/ ;h f;Zfynk .
fd;d/ ;h r[o{ wjkoki T[BQK ftZu, ed/ Bk eod/ fe;/ dh fBzfdnk .

gVhnK ;B T[BQK w/ohnK bktK, oZfynk ;h T[BQK w/ok Bkw .
ofjDr/ jw/FK ;kv/ ftZu, eod/ ;h ;kv/ T[s/ ikB e[opkB .
fJj' fij/ ;B gkgk ih ;kv/  ;odko yVe f;zx wkB .
Mundhawani Kaur, Niece
Dr Kharak Singh s demise is a personal loss, because I take him as a parental figure. He was the first person among the Sikh elders that I came in contact with.
The Guru Nanak Dev Chair at Kamraj University, Madurai, was a lonely chair, with no contacts with the Sikhs of any State. I would have probably shifted to the Dept of Philosophy, but Dr Sahib s personal care upon the Chair enabled me to run it. I did not disclose to him, but it was only due to his guidance that I committed myself to this job for the rest of my life, even if I have to forego promotion/career.
When I first came to Chandigarh in the early 1990s, Dr Sahib introduced me to the members of the IOSS. S Daljit Singh s proposal to translate S Jagjit Singh s book The Sikh Revolution coincided with mine. At a meeting held at S Gurdev Singh s (IAS retd) residence, all members Okayed the Project. Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra, in a Seminar of IOSS at Chandigarh, released the translated version. Free copies were distributed among the students. The book was appreciated, and it went a long way in taking the message of Guru Nanak to the people of Tamil Nadu.
In the late 1990s, I wanted to learn Punjabi, and the SGPC sanctioned Rs 10,000/- for it. Dr Sahib arranged a tutor, and I enjoyed the hospitality of Dr Sahib s family for about 20 days. It was a noble experience, like a vacation that I will remember all my life. On the last day of my stay, Dr Sahib handed me over the entire amount sanctioned by the SGPC.
In January 2008, at a Seminar organized by the SGPC at Patiala city, Dr Sahib was sitting on the podium along with Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal and Jathedar Avtar Singh Makkar. Before going to my paper, I narrated all these instances. I felt, I must, as gratitude, express my sentiment in the presence of the dignitaries.
The Guru Nanak Dev Chair has now been promoted to a Department since 2007, with the help of Governor, TN, Sardar Surjit Singh Barnala. Today, I have many contacts among the Sikhs, but my first memories of the parental care showered by Dr Sahib are very wonderful. I shall always cherish these!
Dr N Muthu Mohan
Chairperson, Guru Nanak Dev Chair
Kamraj University, Madurai
I met Dr Kharak Singh Mann first time perhaps in 1993 or 1994, when I wanted to show and discuss the manuscript of my work Jantri 500 Years.  I was deeply impressed with the very cheerful and enthusiastic reception he gave me  an unknown entity. After some time, he took me to Dr Daljit Singh s residence, where we discussed some dates pertaining to Guru Sahiban s lives. My second meeting with him was in a seminar organized by the IOSS in September 1995, where I gave a presentation on the need and proposal for a calendar for the Sikh nation. Under IOSS, he organized and hosted, at his residence, meetings for developing the Nanakshahi Calendar. I was so impressed with his organizational skills, and his persuasive arguments, and his ever-cheerful mood. Once he was convinced that the Nanakshahi Calendar was the need of the hour, scientific, and correct, he saw it through to the implementation stage, communicating with the Jathedar Sahiban, and the Presidents of the time, over a period of more than a decade, being a member of various committees. Weathering severe storm on the issue raised by the diehards, he stayed committed to it until his last breath.
I had visited and stayed at his Mohali residence quite a few times. He received me every time with open arms, and I am sure many many more guests must have felt the same way. His house seemed to be an inn, where many came, and the langar was always ready.
I visited him in the hospital early this year. He was as cheerful in illness as in health. With his passing away, the IOSS has lost its stalwart, and I have lost a great friend and mentor. Like the life he led, I am sure his soul shall be in eternal peace.
Sardar Pal Singh Purewal
The Sikh community worldwide has lost a stalwart, who will always be remembered with great respect and admiration.
Paramjit Singh Sachdeva, USA
Dr Kharak Singh s selfless service for the Sikh world, his dedication and contributions for the Sikh cause and in establishing the International Sikh Confederation, a great achievement of the Sikh Institute, shall always be remembered very dearly.
The news of his death is not only a great shock to the Board Members of the Federation of Sikh Societies of Canada, it is in fact a sad news for whole Sikh world. The Sikh community all over the world has lost a great hero.
Pritam Singh Aulakh, USA
Dr Kharak Singh ji was a Guru s devout Khalsa, eminent international professional, deeply concerned with the Sikh youth problems right from his younger days, Institutional expert with deep insight about the performance and failure of Sikh institutions, a greater institutional designer for addressing the Panthic concerns and problems. His spirit will undoubtedly continue to provide inspiration and guidance to his associates for accomplishing the tasks, which he had set for the Sikh institutions.
Pritam Singh Kohli
Former Advisor to Governor, Punjab
Dr Kharak Singh was a moderator par excellence. I am reminded of the Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib s couplet,
 XUM qo hYN dunIAW myN suKnvr bhuq ACy, kihqy hYN ik Zwlb kw hY AMdwzy ibAW AOr] 
It was on the evening of 6th August that this pious soul stopped speaking and left the people wondering, bwbw bolqy khw gey ] dyhI ky sMg rhqy] 
It is customary to say on the demise of every person,
gurmuiK jnmu svwir drgh cilAw]scI drgh jwie scw ipVu milAw] 
But in his case when the next portion of this shabad,
gurmiK Bojnu Bwau cwau AlilAw]gurmiK inhcl icqu n hlY hilAw]
gurmuiK scu Alwau BlI hUM BilAw]gurmuiK sdy jwin Awvn GilAw] 
was recited beside his body it was felt that Dr Kharak Singh was really the store of such qualities the sum total of which earn the epithet of gurmukh for a person in Sikh sidhant.
One who would ever continue to feel his absence,
Sardar Raghbir Singh
Member, Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh
The greatness of a person is determined, among other things, by his dealing with his subordinates. Working under Dr Kharak Singh as his secretarial aid and computer typist I have been working in a most congenial environment. As if he could read human faces, he would instantly spot out my personal miseries despite my putting up a brave front. Not content with enquiring and sympathizing with me during such moments, he would offer every kind of support - financial and/or emotional. I consider myself most fortunate to have worked with such a fine human being and a humane boss.
He was a boss with a difference.
Ramesh, History Project
w?I T[BQK B{z ed/ r[Z;/ j[zd/ BjhI t/fynk . jw/FK fgnko Bkb jh ;wMkT[IfdnK t/fynk j? . w/o/ ihtB ftZu i/eo e'Jh gqkgsh j? sK fJ;dk pj[sk fjZ;k wkB ;kfjp dh jh d/D j? .
T[BQK B/ uzvhrVQ fty/ fJz;NhfuT{N nkc f;Zy ;NZvh} dh ;EkgBk ehsh . fJ; dk nkgDk
e/Ido pDkfJnk ns/ pVh T[u gkJ/ dh y'i eotkJh . T[j ;qh r[o{ rqzE ;kfjp dh f;Zfynk B{z gqukoB ns/ gq;koD bJh :sBFhb ;B . fJ; ;z;Ek tb'I gzikp ;wZf;nktK pko/ ftuko tNKdok eoB bJh eJh e"wh gZXo s/ ;?whBko eotkJ/ ns/ ;oeko B{z pVhnK T[;ko{ ;/XK fdZshnK .
gzikp, yk; eoe/ f;Zy GkJhuko/ bJh fJj fJe tZvk xkNk j? . T[BQK tork ;ekbo, fBFekw ;/te, fBogZy B/sk s/ f;Zyh n;{bK dk XkoBh fwbDk pVk w[Ffeb j? . T[BQK dh ;yFhns wjkB ;h . T[BQK ftZu fJe nfijh fyZu ;h fi; ;dek c?vo/FB d/ gq'rokw B{z B/go/ ukVQD bJh T[BQK dh fJe nghb s/ ;koh d[BhnK ftZu eo"VK o[gJ/ d/D bJh dkBh ;ZiD nZr/ nkJ/ .
Dr Ranjit Singh
Dean (retd), PAU, Ludhiana
I found in him the real educationist who could solve many problems related to rural education of the Punjab. That was the beginning of our life-long relationship. I found in him a versatile scholar, and a many-splendoured personality. He was a gurmukh personified. He was my yardstick to assess the calibre and capability of scholars and saints. In his lifetime, he became an authority on Sikh philosophy and Sikh principles. The accompaniment of a Tanti Saj in Harimandir Sahib keertan was introduced with his efforts and advice. He guided and moulded the thoughts of the Sikhs throughout the world, through his editorials. His was the voice of Sikhs' conscience and the court of the last appeal when the Panth faced danger.
Sadhu Singh Deol
Principal (retd), Chandigarh
This is a testing time as much for the family as for the countless friends, and indeed for the Sikh nation as a whole! To me, he has long been an esteemed guide, friend and philosopher.
Sardar Saran Singh, IAS (retd)
Editor, The Sikh Review
F/y ;kndh B/ fejk j? fe w[odk s/ T[j b'e jB fiBQK B{z b'ehI B/eh d/ BK Bkb i'Ve/ :kd BjhI eod/ . vkeNo yVe f;zx sK B/eh dk w[i;wk ;B - T[j sK jw/FK ;kB{z :kd ofjDr/ .
Dr Sardara Singh Johl
Ex-VC, Pbi Univ, Patiala
vkeNo yVe f;zx ih d/ nekb ubkD/ dk pj[s d[Zy ns/ xkN j? . T[BQK dk y'i Gog{o ;kfjs, ;kfjp ;qh r[o{ rqzE ;kfjp ih dh feqgk ;dek, fJe nfijh d/D j? i' fe ykb;k gzE bJh fJe tvw[Zbk ]}kBk j? . T[BQK dh Xkofwe, ;wkfie, rohp gfotkoK B{z ekpb/-o'}rko pBkT[D bJh ;/tktK, ;G d/ wBK ftZu :kd o{g ftZu nfwZN ofjDrhnK .
Sardar Seetal Singh
General Secretary
International Society for Welfare of Weaker Sections
vkeNo yVe f;zx ih d/ nekb ubkD/ Bkb f;Zy gzE B{z xkNk fgnk j? T[j Bk ed/ g{ok j'D tkbk xkNk j? . vkeNo ;kfjp dhnK f;Zy gzE gqsh ehshnK j'JhnK ;/tktK B{z jw/FK :kd ofynk ikt/rk .
Sardar Sohan Singh Sood
Gurdwara Talmel Committee, Mohali
vkeNo yVe f;zx f;Zy e"w d/ ftdtkB ns/ e"wh dod oZyD tkb/ ;B, e"w B{z T[BQK d/ ikD Bkb Bk g{ok j'D tkbk xkNk fgnk j? . w/oh fizdrh dh fizdrh th T[BQK dh w/jopkBh eoe/ j? .
Dr Sukhdev Singh, Canada
Ex-Agriculture Commissioner, Govt of India
The demise of Doctor Sahib is a great loss to the Sikh Panth. Scholars like him are very rare, especially in these days, among the Khalsa Panth.
Since Bhai Vir Singh and other contemporary scholars, only recently, this Institute of Sikh Studies is showing the Gian' light about gurmat, gursikhi in modern way and at par with modern scholars. All the intellectuals and modern Sikh students have been benefiting from these individuals who find time for others and share their knowledge with the masses. Such devoted and dedicated individuals leave only good memories.
God took these brilliant scholars one by one; with this great loss another bright star on the Sikh sky has faded away.
Surjit Singh Jeet
South Asia Cultural Heritage Centre, London (UK)
eEBh s/ eoBh ftZu nzso Bk eoB tkb/ ;B vkeNo yVe f;zx ih . fiBQK dk jo p'b i[pkB u'I BjhI, ihn u'I BjhI, pbfe ihtB u'I fBebdk ;h . T[jBK dk T[d/F f;ZyK B{z p/b'V/ Neokn s/ pukn e/ soZeh d/ okj s/ s'oBk ;h . nkg ih B/ gzikp dhnK ;wZf;nktK s'I edh w{zj BjhI w'fVnk .
T[jBK tork ;ekbo, fBFekw ;/te, fBogZy B/sk s/ f;Zyh n;{bK dk XkoBh fwbDk w[Ffeb j? . yVe f;zx ih wkB nfij/ jho/ ;B i' jo ykB ;/ fBebk BjhI eos/ . nfij/ dhdkto fJB;kB pVh w[Ffeb Bkb g?dk j[zd/ jB .
r[owfs ;Ku/ ftZu Ybh j'Jh T[j fJe wjkB ;]Fhns ;B . fenk pks ;h ! T[j d{odoFh ns/ ;{M-p{M tkb/ fJB;kB ;B  gzE dk fdwkr ;B . T[j ;ko/ p[ZXhihthnK B{z fJe i[N eoBk ukj[zd/ ;B . fiZE/ }ok fijh th T[BQK B{z fuzDr B}o nkT[Idh, T[j T[; d/ e'b y[Zd gj[zu iKd/ ;B ns/ Bkb b? e/ ubd/ ;B.
T[j fJwkBdko, fwjBsh ns/ brB Bkb ezw eoB tkb/ ;B . T[BQK dhnK fJjBK jh y{phnK s/ n;hI nkgD/ ekbi dhnK BhjK gkJhnK jB . n?v/ uwed/ ;{oi bJh n;hI eh efj ;ed/ jK<!
T[BQK dhnK ;z;EktK  fJz;NhfuT{N nkc f;Zy ;NZvh}, ns/ fJzNoB?FBb f;Zy eBc?vo/FB B{z Bw;eko !
Sardar Swaran Singh Tugalwal
Baba Aya Singh Riarki College, Tugalwal
It was the saddest day of my life when I learnt of the sad demise of Dr Kharak Singh ji. Whenever we visited India, it was pilgrimage for us to meet him and pay our obeisance.
Dr Kharak Singh was a man of many parts. He was an Ag. Economist of international repute, scientist and, above all, philosopher  all in one person. He was an interpreter and exponent of Sikhism and projected successfully a correct image of Sikhism and the Sikh community in India as well as abroad. He tried earnestly to rebut any distortions or misrepresentations of Sikh Religion and its History. He was a great orator and writer who explained his ideas in a lucid style. He was dedicated to uplift the Sikh Panth to its original glory from its mess.
His unexpected demise has created a vacuum in the Sikh Nation, which is hard to fulfill.
As a man he was superb, gentle, noble but strong:
His life was gentle, and the elements
So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up
And say to the world, "This was a man !"
 Shakespeare s Julius Caesar
Dr Tej Pal Singh, Australia
His stature was much higher than the other mortals, a qualification to pass through heaven s portals. He was a true son of the soil, won oodles of plaudits for his country, province and community through his dedication and toil. He was the possessor of an illustrious personality, an epitome of dignity and conviviality. Struggle, success and service are what his life signified. Youth, for sure can take a cue from his life, so dignified.
He is one among the stars that adorn the sky at night, dispelling darkness and emitting light.
Sardar Vardeep Singh, Grandchild
vkeNo yVe f;zx f;oiBksfwe ns/ T[;koh tkbh ;'u d/ XkoBh ;B . jw/FK gzE dh uVQdh ebk tk;s/ :sBFhb ;B . Bk ed/ r[Z;k eod/, Bk frbk fdzd/, jw/FK jbhwh ftZu ftuod/ ;B ns/ f;Zy gzE d/ w;fbnK pko/ pVh rfjokJh Bkb ftuko eoe/ ;[Mkn fdzd/ ;B .
Sardar Waryam Singh
Secretary, Dharam Parchar Committee, Sri Amritsar

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