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Dr Kharak Singh – Living Symbol of a True and Humble Sikh –

Dr Khem Singh Gill*

I have known Dr Kharak Singh Mann, Ex-Professor of Agronomy, Government College of Agriculture, Ludhiana, Punjab since 1947 even though, I did my B Sc Agriculture from the Khalsa College, Amritsar, at that time. The subject of Agronomy was not considered as a science subject like Chemistry / Physics / Botany / Zoology or even Soil Science at that time. Dr Kharak Singh really revolutionized the teaching and research in Agronomy at the College of Agriculture by his deep knowledge of Agronomy and skillful transfer of this knowledge to the students. He was a patient listener of students’ problems and advised them in their personal / family difficulties. He was known to be a Gentleman, Composed, Systematic, Impartial, Bipartisan and yet a Firm Teacher. He gave a lot of importance to Practical Field Work and ensured that all the students not only comprehended the theoretical basis of Agricultural Operations and Crop Production but also carried out the same with skill and efficiency. He encouraged the students to visit the Experimental Farm for Practicals on Sundays / Holidays / early odd hours on working days. He provided the facilities for the same and would often be present at the Experimental Farm himself.

Dr Kharak Singh was one of the few top teachers at the college and, of course, was the Best Teacher of Agronomy. His lrge, limpid and Shining Eyes reflected his Intellect which energized the students and staff to Dream and then Empowered them to realize their goal. As a result, many students took risk and were able to secure admissions in foreign universities for higher studies by defying the obstacles – social and financial. All the students and staff of the College were held in awe by virtue of his Ability and Humility.

Dr Kharak Singh Mann left the Government College of Agriculture and joined the Directorate of Agriculture, Punjab, at Chandigarh and then the Haryana Department of Agriculture, where he rose to the position of Joint Director of Agriculture. By virtue of his Capabilities and Experience, he was picked up by the FAO of the UNO for the Development of Agriculture at the International Level. He had a very successful tenure at the FAO of the UNO.

After retirement from the FAO, he was drawn to serve Sikhism at the International Level by Sikh Intelligentsia – a cause he strived for with great humility till his demise.

He was engaged in spreading the Values of Sikhism at the National and International levels. He was a Living Symbol of a True and Humble Sikh.

May the Almighty God Provide a Permanent Abode to Dr Kharak Singh Mann at His Divine Home.



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