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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



Inconsistencies in Nanakshahi Calendar

Inderjit Singh

The original Nanakshahi Calendar solely based on true solar system having fixed days of months, devised by Sardar Paul Singh Purewal, a Canada based scholar, genius among the intellectuals in the segment of Almanac with unmatched zeal and perseverance, was approved by the Panth, remained enforced from Nanakshahi Samat 535 (2003-2004 CE) to Samat 541 (2009-2010 CE) for six years. The sudden shift to Bikrami-based Nanakshahi Calendar from 1 Chet Samat 542 (14 March 2010 CE) is out of context and beyond one’s understanding and is having inconsistency in observing Gurpurbs with its version a hotchpotch of both Nanakshahi and Bikrami as well as common Era. This musical twist seems: To please everyone is to displease everyone.

1. Gurgaddi Guru Hargobind and Martyrdom Guru Arjun Dev
Sri Guru Arjun Dev bestowed Gurgaddi to Sri Hargobind Sahib on 28 Jeth-Jeth Vadi 14 Samat Bikrami 1663 (25-5-1606 CE) 5 days before embracing martyrdom on 2 Har – Jeth Sudi 4 Samat Bikrami 1663 (30-5-1606 CE) now falling on 11 June and 16 June respectively. The celebrations of anniversary are on :

Samat Nanakshahi 542 (2010-2011 CE)
i) Gurgaddi Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib – 29 Jeth (11 June, 2010 CE)
ii) Martyrdom Sri Guru Arjun Dev – 2 Harh (16 June, 2010 CE)

Samat Nanakshahi 543 (2011-2012 CE)
i) Martyrdom Sri Guru Arjun Dev – 22 Jeth (5 June 2011 CE)
ii) Gurgaddi Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib – 28 Jeth (11 June, 2011 CE)

Samat Nanakshahi 544 (2012-2013 CE)
i) Martyrdom Sri Guru Arjun Dev – 12 Jeth (25 May, 2012 CE)
ii) Gurgaddi Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib – 29 Jeth (11 June 2012 CE)

Comments: Guru Arjun Dev bestowed gurgaddi to Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib on 28 Jeth, 5 days before embracing martyrdom whereas Gurgaddi divas falling on 29 Jeth instead 28 Jeth, 5 days before during 542 (2010 CE), 6 days after during (543 (2011 CE), 17 days after during 544 (2012 CE).

2. Gurgaddi Guru Granth Sahib and Death Anniversary Guru Gobind Singh
Guruship was passed to Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Damdami Sahib wali Bir) by Guru Gobind Singh on 6 Katak – Katak Sudi 4 Samat Bikrami 1765 (6-10-1708 CE) a day before immersing himself in the supreme light on 7 Katak – Katak Sudi 5 Samat Bikrami 1765 ( 7-10-1708) falling 6 Katak on 20 October and 7 Katak on 21 October of solar year of original Nanakshahi Calendar. On the contrary celebrations of anniversary are on:

Samat Nanakshahi 542 (2010-2011 CE)
1) Gurgaddi Sri Guru Granth Sahib -22 Katak (7 Nov 2010 C.E)
2) Guru Gobind Singh Immersed in the Supreme Light -25 Katak (10 Nov, 2010 C.E)

Samat Nanakshahi 543(2011-2012 C.E)
1) Gurugaddi Sri Guru Granth Sahib -12 Katak (28 October 2011 C.E)
2) Guru Gobind Singh Immersed in the supreme Light- 15 Katak (31 October 2011 C.E)

Samat Nanakshahi 544 (2012-2013 C.E)
1) Gurgaddi Sri Guru Granth – 1Maghar (15 Nov.2012 C.E)
2) Guru Gobind Singh Immersed in the supreme light -4 Maghar (18 Nov 2012 C.E)

Comments- Guruship was passed on to Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh a day before immersing in the Supreme light on 6 Katak whereas it falls 3 days before Immersing in the Supreme Light and that too on 7 November, 2010/10 November,2010 /31 October 2011, 15 November 2012/18 November 2012.

3. Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh
Parkash Sri Guru Gobind Singh 23 Poh sudi 7, Samat Bikrami 1723 ( 22.12.1666 C.E) falling on 5 January but the celebrate on if anniversary are on-

1) Samat Nanakshahi 542 (2010-2011 C.E) -27 Poh (11 January 2011 C.E)
2) Samat Nanakshahi 543 (2011-2012 C.E)-16 Poh (31 December 2011 C.E)
3) Samat Nanakshahi 544 (2012-2013 C.E) -6 Magh (18 January 2013 C.E)

Comments- From the above it is concluded that birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh was celebrated twice in the year 2011 on January, 11 and December, 31 after a span of 355 days in a year (short by 10 days and is not falling in the year 2012.

Sardar Paul Singh Purewal’s article “Purewal flays changes in Nanakshahi Calendar” (The Tribune, Friday February, 18 2011) observes “The Birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh will be celebrated twice in a year of 2011, 2014, 2017, 2022 and 2025 while it will not fall in 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2023. In 2014 and 2025 the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh falling in December for the second time in these years, will coincide with the martyrdom of his younger Sahibzadas as per amended calendar” He further says “The problems, which were sorted out in the original calendar, were back now and today’s version was a mixture of both the Nanakshahi and Bikrami Calendar.”

Such imbalance in celebrating Gurpurbs on different dates of the succeeding years comes into question. We must strike a balance in year-wise celebration of Gurpurbs as the balances in the amended calendar and distributing and many others balances would be disturbed.

We must up-hold the supremacy of original calendar and to stay with. Action speaks louder than words, if you care to listen.


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