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Cleanliness is next to godliness but Amritsar despite being a God’s own city is one of the most polluted cities today. Golden Temple has four entries in four directions that are north, east, south and west. It signifies that people of any caste or color from all directions, either it is western countries or eastern, black or white, rich or poor are welcome. But today industrial pollution from all directions of the city is polluting the environment of the Holy city.

Most dangerous are the industries placed in the northwest and northeast direction of the Golden Temple because the wind is mostly flowing from the northwest to southeast and northeast to southwest, meaning at any moment of the day polluted air is flowing over the holy city. Average wind velocity in Amritsar is very low throughout the year. Because of this the emission generated by the industries settles and pollutes the city, resulting in damage to the health, wealth and environments of the residents who are suffering day and night without having knowledge of health hazards being caused to them.

All concerned departments and responsible authorities are showing no interest about the duties for which they are being paid by government. Public’s hard earned money, govt machinery and God-gifted neat and clean natural resources belonging to the general innocent people are being exploited mercilessly to hoard luxury for the few financially influential families of the city.

The city of Taj Mahal, Agra has been given special care to protect it from air pollution from the local industries and Mathura refinery that is about ten kms away.

Honorable Supreme Court of India has passed strict laws to protect Taj Mahal, a monument where a royal couple was buried who were neither god nor saints, a monument where tourists come without emotion and devotion for just one visit in their lifetime for a view and a photo of Taj Mahal in their background.

Whereas number and names of devotees visited and visiting Amritsar for the last five centuries to pay their obeisance to the most sacred, pious and highest religious seat of all Sikhs is a testimonial of the immortal faith and respect for Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Amritsar should have real time Pollution monitoring station, and special survey should be carried out by Ministry of Environment and Forest with the public opinion. A special committee should be organized in the independent control of the Central govt. Public hearing should be asked before sanctioning of any project. National Human Rights Commission should give priority to the existing grievances of pollution complaints in Amritsar. Ministry of Health should conduct an independent survey of the health of the effected. Central ground water authority should conduct survey on the misuse of ground water by the commercial users.

It is our moral duty to stand by to protect and guard the environment so that we hand over to the coming generations better environment than we have received, because Environment and Natural resources are not a permanent asset.

Let’s pledge today that we take oath, come what may, and promise that we will guard and save sanctity of the holy city Amritsar and Golden temple against all materialism, so that Amritsar remains Sarover of Amrit and Golden Temple is always glittering and immortal.


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