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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



On the ISC Front

– Organizes a Major Youth Empowerment Rally in Amritsar, OUr Holy City –

Lt Gen Kartar Singh

1. The last Quarter was indeed full of action by the ISC and its dedicated full time workers at HQ in Chandigarh and all our Staff in the rural areas of Punjab and our "Project - uplift of Sikligar Vanjaras" in Hyderabad and surrounding Areas. It is just marvelous to see these very loyal and selfless "Team Members" their speed of action and devotion to the cause.

Scholarships and Coaching Centers
Scholarships: These continue to be monitored closely by the ISC for their continued receipt by all applicants who apply, increase each year in numbers and prompt receipt. Just to indicate the success of effort at improvement each year for Punjab Schools/Colleges here is a brief Year wise Data Chart: -

Minority Scholarship (Last Three Years)
During the 2016-17 in spite of the limited resources available for online submission of applications,we succeeded as under:-

Pre-Matric Post-Matric MCM
Year Scholarship Pre-Matric Scholarship Scholarship Post Matric Granted Authorised Application Granted Authorised Application
2016-17 2,37666 4,84,166 3,10,459 39627 1,30,000 50502
Scholarship Authorised MCMAppl Award Scholarship
4752 7395 6334

During 2017-18 we further increased the number of applications with the help of local Cyber Café as under:-

Pre-Matric Post-Matric MCM
Year Scholarship Pre-Matric Scholarship Scholarship Post Matric Granted Authorised Application Granted Authorised Application
2017-18 2,37666 5,10,000 4,10,000 39627 1,15,000 52000

Scholarship Authorised MCMAppl Award Scholarship
4752 6880 5400
In the year 2018-19 the govt. did not increase in the number of Scholarships but we have been able to further add the applications .The Scholarship sanctioned are still awaited.
Pre-Matric Post-Matric MCM
Year Scholarship Pre-Matric Scholarship Scholarship Post Matric Granted Authorised Application Granted Authorised Application
2018-19 2,37000 525000 Awaited 38000 1,00,000 Awaited
Scholarship Authorised MCMAppl Award Scholarship
4352 8000 Awaited

You can clearly see that we have improved the applicants' strength each year and also bid for more than our laid laid down share and utilised extra share from inefficient other states. Distribution is direct to Students Account in their Bank account. This too is monitored by devoted Staff Members of ISC.

Coaching Centers: All our four Coaching Centers at Mukandpur (Distt Nawanshehr), Village Pandori Khajoor (Hoshiarpur) Village Shergarh (Patiala) and Village Dosanjh Talwandi (Moga) are doing extremely well and maximum results of the Plus Two Final Exams touching 80% to 90%. This gives these students an opportunity to sit for Competitive Examinations/Further Studies.

Celebrations on Brilliant Role of Sikhs in World War - 1 (100 Years Ago)
With the desire to honour valiant Sikh Soldiers who played a valiant part in World War-I. ISC on request by residents of Village Badduwal (Distt Moga), helped the close Kins of Award Winners celebrate the valour of their ancesstors, both in Chandigarh and their Village Badduwal. Events very successfully organised in our location were:-

a) A Display of ancient relics,Photographs,Charts and relics at Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha with an invite to all prominent SIKH Organisations by holding a Seminar by us allied with NRI's of the Village Badduwal lead by S.Karamjit Singh. This NRI from the USA played a huge part in all the Events that were initiated.

b) A Press Conference was organized by the ISC with concerned Villagers at Chandigarh Press Club On 10th November 2018.The Hall was filled to capacity with honorable Visitors.

c) A Seminar was organised at AMRITSAR for curious and willing residents and many Guests by S.Karamjit Singh.

Finally a huge Celebration at Village Badduwal on 25th November 2018 organised by S.Karamjit Singh was attended by VIP'S From Punjab, USA and England. A strong team from the ISC lent support by their attendance.

Progress of ISC Project for uplift of Sikligars and Vanjaras
This is turning out to be a very progressive and rewarding venture for our Community. During the very recent visit of our General Secretary Col Jagtar Singh Multani, he found our Gurdwara and school functioning very efficiently. The School strength has increased due to a regular bus service we acquired to ferry children to and fro from surrounding Sikligar Deras to our school, Besides, a number of well to do Sikh dignitaries and business Heads are sending us lucrative donations to boost our own contribution to efficiently run these new Benevolent Institutions. HQ ISC asserts full control and audit of Expenditure.

The DGP of this area is a devout Sikh lady who has highly praised our Project and formed an allied Society to join forces with us. She has organized free Medical Aid Camps especially for the rural areas where Sikligars/Vanjaras reside. This has given a boost to our work towards uplift of the women population in the villages. Efforts are on in the official sphere to somehow allot a vacant plot to the ISC to construct a High School for the expanding need to boost education.

On our request SGPC sent a delegation of three Dignitaries to assess the ISC Project and render financial and other needed help. We have received no communication at all about rendering vital financial aid or appreciation of our Project. We are hopeful that they will certainly support us as at present we are working on a string Budget obtained by donations from our donors.

We assure our readers that we shall not slow down our project due to lack of funds, as our Core Members, which includes those in our HQ, are ready to donate part of their own money to make this a huge success.

We know that the Guru ji is with those who are willing to sacrifice all for the sake of The uplift of our children through education and Career planning.

After receiving huge support in the form of donations, Love and Sympathy plus material support in the form of School Bus, free Solar Plant on School Roof Top, one cannot but compare this support with that received from our own dear members in our State as well as NRI Members. A few are very regularly helping out with small donations But the Elite Wealthy Punjab/ Delhi Residents with minor exceptions are a true disappointment for us, this includes majority of our dear ISC Mmembers some of whom even need reminders to pay basic renewal of Membership with a small sum. This may be very crude and Rude reminder but then I seek forgiveness by saying that some Army Generals can turn Brash and crude on occasion during the crucial moments of an important mission.


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