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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh





Lt Gen Kartar Singh


The quarter ending of 31st Dec. 2015 was indeed a very busy and productive period for the International Sikh Confederation . ISC inaugurated a new coaching centre at Shergarh Khanauri, Distt Patiala. This school is in a village but stands out in the area for good education. The owner Principal Satvir Singh and his wife run the school with elan and take great pride in lifting the surrounding villagers educational standards. Teachers have shown genuine interest in enhancing the academic standards of their High school students.

The minority scholarship scheme was very successfully subscribed by Punjab students this year. Col. J S Multani and his teams have been very active and we hope to receive upto 420 Crores by April 2016 In all our colleges and schools.  This factor has itself raised the standards and morale of our students to great heights. We are grateful to Guru ji for sending to us dedicated workers such as S. Jagdeep Singh and the Media team activated by our outstanding Head S. Inderjeet Singh, S. Sukhjit Singh and Manmeet Singh.

A Review of our Coaching Centres

We now have four such centres live and active. These are located at Mukandpur (Distt. Navan Shahar), Moga, Pdori Khajoor (Distt. Hoshiarpur) and Akaljot Senior Secondary School, Shergarh Khanauri at Distt Patiala. There is now a healthy competition between them to better the final results. This is a huge leap forward for students to study and compete for upper grade competitions. It is indeed a matter of satisfaction for our team of experts working with Col. J S Multani surging out of Chandigarh to guide, push, equip and motivate principals and specialist teachers on to fulfilling very challenging targets. The secretary general too joins them quite often to inspire and perform. The response is just fantastic.

Lifting Very Needy Students

Our focus to various areas is planned carefully. Each visit results in about 10 to 15 bright but poor and needy boys and girls being helped fully to enter colleges for higher studies or opening for skills in the polytechnic affiliated to us. We have limited funds but Guru Ji somehow comes to our help everywhere. We have achieved much, but the target is still years away. If only every well to do Gursikhs would each look for at least two to three such bright students to adopt for further studies and employment. We would reach our goal within a short space of 5 to 10 years. Punjab would then emerge from this downright depressing situation on every front. Drugs would disappear, polities would be much cleaner with an educated forward looking bold electorate, and Religion would not be in the hands self serving politicians and fake Babas.

Selection and opening of Coaching Centres

It would be interesting to explain in outline the method adopted by the International Sikh Confederation  teams to test a centre for it's fitness to undertake coaching.
a. Sharing of progress reports : Our team experts led by Col. J S Multani, secretary ISC along with
Asst. S. Jagdeep Singh and Media Team (S. Sukhjit Singh and Manmeet Singh) visit on a prior fixed day.
b. There is then a meeting with the Principal and concerned teachers.
c. Motivational sessions with senior students are held.
d. Books that would be prescribed - Discussion.
e. Help and supervision visits by International Sikh Confederation .
f. Decision taken to inaugurate Coaching centre with date.
g. Final visit where by the Secretary General, Secretary and their team address the whole school and
   formally inaugurate the Guru Nanak Coaching Centre.

Once the above is established, it is followed by regular parents and students motivational sessions. Progress by teachers and students is closely followed, Valuable study material is constantly supplied by ISC and regular examinations held. Weekly reports reach our HQ for monitoring. This ensures assured success and teachers are regularly rewarded for the devotion and extra effort. We have included this to motivate our readers to donate liberally to the International Sikh Confederation  so that we may open more and more such centers in Punjab.

Seminar at Institute of Sikh Studies

ISC joined the institute in organizing an outstanding two days seminar on "Up lifting the Neglected Sections of the Sikhs " on the first day and discussing the Punjab farmer's crisis along with possible solutions on the second day. The joint IOSS and ISC effort was indeed praise worthy. We have already invited follow up actions. ISC is tackling the need to set up schools in the Hyderabad and surrounding areas where a majority of Sikligars / Banjaras etc. We have already offers from a very active and noted Skills Center near Hydrabad which has offered excellent courses of nearly one year duration, at highly subsidized fees and Boarding and lodging by a Philanthropist.

On the Farmer's Front, a joint team of the IOSS and ISC has been formed along with an active NGO of already active volunteers. We shall meet as often as possible and research find a solution to and research this issue.   

Presentation on the main Battles fought by our Tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Our outstanding veteran distinguished member and historian of repute Dr. Kirpal Singh scheduled the above as a lecture by Lt. Gen. Kartar Singh Gill, PVSM (Retd.), Secretary General, International Sikh Confederation on Friday 18 Dec, 2015. Venue was Kalgidhar Niwas, Sec-27, Chandigarh and it formed part of the Series of monthly lectures by eminent personalities on important and interesting Sikh issues.

In this one and half hour presentation the General covered the essential battles and the Guru ji's brilliant Strategy and Tactics which won him a series of defensive battles (17 in all) against odds of more than even 1:20 of the opponent Rajas / Mughals. The audience truly enjoyed the clearly narrated events followed by a shrewd analysis of our Great Guru who achieved so much with so little. The lecture clearly highlighted the rare genius of Guru Gobind Singh who raised the Sikh Qaum to unimaginable heights of brilliance in self defense as well offence when required. The discussion that followed was delightful and left us all proud of our history and valour. We pray for our coming generations to imbibe maximum benefit from such motivational events.

Visit to Doraha Public School, Doraha

This took place on the Annual day of the group of schools headed by the family of S. Sukhjit Singh ji. All members of the family, are jointly running these group of Institutions.

The arrangements were simple, efficient and the pandal appropriately prepared. The students themselves conducted as well as presented all items most efficiently. The final report read in immaculate English (a rare feat these days) by the Head Mistress was excellent and we were impressed by the achievements of the children not only in examinations / sports but in many. Inter school events such as debates, Dramas, Sports Events etc. This school is on the rise, and we felt that day that our Punjab is truly moving forward rapidly towards value education for our next generation.


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