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Principal Sadhu Singh

We know the world through our five senses. Our brain keeps a record of our acquired knowledge. The brain through the process of assimilation and synthesis makes us aware of the outside world. But there is an inner world too which mainly deals with emotions and intellectual pursuits. There is some thing beyond the inner world and the outer world. We come to know about this mystique world through our sixth sense. The sixth sense is a privilege of the few. It goes beyond the domain of the five senses. It is a very powerful sense and it makes one feel of the existence of the Creator of the universe. This moment comes in life very rarely and it lasts for a few seconds. Its impact on the person is paramount and many a time it changes the course of one’s life. There is one word in Sanskrit (Abhas) to denote and explain the significance of this short moment. It could mean splendour, light, lustre, reflection, likeness and resemblance. The Abhas could be had in some of the following ways:

Followers of many faiths have conceptualized many mystiques and appearances of God. They have demarcated His abode in special worlds in the universe. But in Gurmat, He is not confined to one country. He is described as omnipresent as a universal hypothesis. sB mDy rivAw myrw Twkru(Guru Granth Sahib, page 379). According to the distinctive rule, His abode has been depicted in Sach Khand (Highest stage of meditation in Sikh philosophy, the Realm of Truth) “Awip siq kIAw sB siq ]” (Guru Granth Sahib, 284) According to above-mentioned Sabad the whole world is Sach Khand. Guru Sahib has especially emphasized that Sat Sang (congregation of holy persons) and serene innermost consciousness of a self-cultivated person are also known as Such Khand.

The Formless Supreme Being abides in the Realm of Eternity.
Over His creation, He casts His glance of grace.1

There abide God’s devotees, by His laudation sustained.
Of the Supreme Being is visible neither end nor extent.2

There is played the unstruck melody, unique, wonder-working.
God’s devotees, absorbed in the immaculate Supreme Being,
Are there disporting.
There is joy-in-poise, abode of bliss.
Those seated in company of the holy
From maladies, grief and transmigration are exempt.
There the Name solely is contemplated.3

Sachkhand was brought into existence by the assembly of holy persons at Kartarpur Dharamsal.
Fundamental Gurshabad Waheguru echoed over there.4

The persons who are in the company of the devotees of God, enjoy the wealth of both the worlds.5

One can have a feel of Paradise and Creator by having an advanced stage of perception. This can be cultivated through keen sense of observation of Nature and by viewing the panoramic view of Nature. Nature creates its own rhythms, adapts itself to each moment, which is a state of grace and exudes profound ecstasy. A sense of Paradise descends from the skies. It is a kind of awareness one often has when the magic moment has passed. The person is entirely in the present, without past, without future, entirely focused on the music of the spheres, on the gentleness of the wind caressing his/her body, and on the grace of contemplating sky, earth, the beauty of the valley, the dark out lines of mountains projected against the sky, the moon’s ever changing shape, the beautiful landscape and whole living creation – waterfalls, mountains and forest are all places where the spirits of the earth roam and reveal mysteries of life to the human beings. At that time the person feels a sense of adoration and ecstasy, i.e., a glimpse of Paradise. The person prays quietly, listening to the voice of Nature, and understanding that the invisible world always manifests itself in the visible world. The greatness of God always reveals itself in the simple things.

Music is the basic form of cosmic energy. You could have a glimpse of Paradise by listening to Gurmat Sangeet which is set in 31 ragas. It greatly helps the mind to concentrate on God. Guru Granth Sahib is repository of 5867 shabads. Each shabad has a particular rag. When the mind is attuned to it then it is filled with divine feelings. Thus the cosmic source of energy is experienced during the recitation or listening of keertan. There is a wonderful harmony of melody, emotion and spirituality. The shabad and Gurmat Sangeet create a trance-like state of mind and the human soul is reminded about the Creator. Guru Nanak hints about the same in the following:

“The Divine music is precious like the jewel, with its family of strains, and through it is produced the essence of Thy nectar.”6

Keertan sharpens the mind and attunes it to the Supreme Spirit. Guru Ram Das conveys the same in the following:
“Of all the musical measures, that one is the best through which God comes into mind.”7

Keertan is a great source of that wonderful divine experience which uplifts the soul towards the Supreme Being. While reciting or listening to Keertan one is completely cut off from the hum drum of life and one feels the presence of Higher Being; Divine joy spreads all around. This has a paramount effect on the well being of all.
“He who hears and utters the Gospel of God, is rid of his evil nature,
And all his wishes are fulfilled; Yea, all his hopes are fulfilled.”8

My life’s true gain lies in absorption
In Divine discourse, holy laudation through singing and music.
Saith Nanak: As was the Lord pleased,
The desired objective have I achieved.9

Hence, Keertan not only has a soothing effect on the mind but also helps in concentrating the mind on Gur Shabad.10

Places of pilgrimages are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated. One could have a glimpse of Paradise and Abhas of the Creator while visiting these holy places. Harimandir Sahib is a confluence of world-cultures for mankind. An early morning obesience would certainly make you feel an out of this world experience of ecstasy and enlightenment. At that moment, a sense of Paradise “Possession by the Sacred” seems to descend from the heavens. A similar experience you could have in the vicinity of Hemkunt Sahib. Many Sikh saints have narrated profound mystical experiences while going on pilgrimage to Such Khand Hazoor Sahib.

It is true that many of us think that technology is going to destroy mankind and it has already taken away humanity. But there are a few good souls still who continue to strive in awakening the conscience of men and women, the lost taste in mystery and magic, at the beginning of this new millennium, overcoming tedium and helplessness in the bosom of a mechanized and bored society. Let us remember that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to mankind and we pray for its redemption:

“World is burning, O save me which ever way it may be,
Uplift me to Light, whichever doorway it may be.” 11



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ęCopyright Institute of Sikh Studies, 2009, All rights reserved.