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On the ISC Front

Lt Gen Kartar Singh

ISC Takes a Big Leap Forward in Rural Uplift
The ISC justified the faith of its members in extending the reach of its activities on the rural front. It justified the launch of The Guru Nanak Education Fund, which at present, is mainly financed by its Indian Chapters. We are indeed proud of the generosity of those who have donated liberally to a cause which is the key to the future development and progress in Punjab.

Improvement in Government Schools in Rural Areas
The ISC has consistently maintained its pressure on the Punjab Govt and the Education Department in this direction. On the advice of its Advisory Council on Education and based on a Seminar of ten wise men, we had pushed for concrete reforms.

Later our CEO and his HQ again drew the personal attention of the Governor, Chief Minister and concerned Heads of Education with concrete advice which was accepted. Implementation was monitored each year by studying the progress on the ground and also analyzing results each year. Credit must be given to the Director General School Education, Shri Krishen Kumar, who has taken concrete steps to ensure the following:-

a) Posting of qualified teachers to Rural Schools.
b) Monitoring their punctuality and punishing offenders which had never happened earlier.
c) Carrying out monthly inspection by a Central Team and each time taking corrective measures.
d) Personally visiting key areas himself.

This has shown results. However we are still worried about the standard in Mathematics and English, especially in class eight and in the Matric examination. Statistics prove this point. In the last Final Examination, the statistics showed that:-
Class 8th Results

a) 1,38,792 students out of 4,36,980 failed in Mathematics.
b) 1,64,174 students out of 4,36,980 failed in English.

Matric Results
a) 1,13,514 students out of 2,68,720 failed in Mathematics.
b) 50,590 students out of 2,68,720 failed in English

Coaching for Entry into Professional Institutions after School
Good models have been set up by us in two Centres i.e. Mukandpur and Khant Manpur. Gyan Sewa Trust New Delhi a member NGO, has done great work along with Baba Ji Sewa Singh at Khadoor Sahib. These model centres offer coaching in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English where required. Not only 60% to 70% students made it to good Institutions, other students have been motivated to continue higher studies and aspire to compete again. Neighbouring Schools and Colleges have been totally inspired and we see a developing surge in this direction as certified by Principals and students of these Centres who addressed ISC members during our recent Annual General Meeting held at Chandigarh on 21 Nov, 2009.

Prime Minister’s 15 Point Programme for Scholarship to Minorities
We published details of this Scheme and our push in Rural Areas to cash on this offer in the July to Sept issue of this magazine. Readers will be glad to know that this has brought a number of NGOs close together. This augers well for the future. We also took a delegation to the Minority Commission member Sardar Hanspal for future help next year. Plans are being formulated to start an organized campaign in time next year to ensure full utilization of next year’s quota of Scholarships for Sikh Minorities from class I right upto post Graduation level.

Annual General Meeting
This was held after great deliberation on 21st Nov, 2009 so as to enable some of our NRI members to attend. Our HQ, located in Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Sector 28, Chandigarh, was abuzz with activity and maximum sustained attendance. NRI and outstation members also addressed the audience. Coaching centres representatives came in strength. Successful students along with some sports persons were honoured. All in all it was a highly successful gathering, proved by the fact that members remained riveted to their seats from 10 AM to 5 PM with a lunch break thrown in. We set an example when the members unanimously elected the Executive Committee by consensus. It has been a unique example which we plan to maintain. We will be covering the events of the AGM in the next quarter.

The ISC, driven by outstanding courage and initiative of it’s able Convenor, Dr Sardara Singh Johl, HQ staff and enthusiastic and able members has established milestones in the sphere of Education, social and religious uplift, co-ordination of NGO activities and charitable projects. We have not only marched forward but have won the love and approval of society at large. Our members are invited and treated with rare grace at various social gatherings which furthers our aims and objectives. With confidence we humbly request all like-minded members of Sikh Society to join us in our march forward. Like minded Organisations and Institutions, especially Gurudwaras, are earnestly requested to join our Team. We already have about 21 prominent Institutional members and our immediate aim is to have a hundred such members marching forward hand in hand. You will then see how this society brings about a revolution in Punjab — the land of the Gurus.

Credit for the success of our projects is due to the cooperation and close working that we have experienced and received form Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha and the Institution of Sikh Studies. These three sansthas are now a united strong body which has left a stamp on Sikh society. Many projects in the spheres of education, religious and social affairs, safeguarding of our heritage, and memorials to our soldiers and saints, have been tackled unitedly with great success. May Wahe Guru ji give these three progressive santhas the strength to enlarge their activities so as to raise the status of our Punjab to it’s very glorious past.



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