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Mehar (God's Grace)

Hari Singh*

The Mehar (grace) of God showers all the time on all of us. Do not think that God chooses someone that suits Him or favours those who sing His praises. Actually His Mehar showers on all equally without any difference, but there are some people who have turned their pots upside down so that water does not fill it. But if our pot is upright, it is bound to fill. No doubt the filling takes place by His Mehar only but we have to make full efforts from our side to place our pot in the proper position. We should see that there are no cracks or holes in it and also make sure that it is not lying upside down so that His Mehar does not escape the mouth of our pot. By doing so means that we prepare ourselves capable of receiving His Mehar.

We should also keep in mind that Mehar of Waheguru always depends on the size of our pot, our Paatartaa, our capacity to hold it. If we have a cup in our hand and the other has a bucket, he will definitely get more water. In this case we should not grudge against him but just try to improve our Paatartaa. For example; a father brings two suits for his two sons aged 5 and 15 years. The suit of the younger son is small according to his size and if he complaint to his father as to why he brought small suit for him, the father will explain to him that at present his Paatartaa cannot hold a bigger suit but after ten years he will definitely get a bigger one. Similarly if we are deprived of His Mehar it is due to our Paatartaa. We should, therefore, only concentrate on increasing the capacity of our Paatartaa and His Mehar will definitely shower on us in due time.

We should not forget that the gap between our efforts and results can only be filled by His Mehar. It is, therefore, very important that in doing any work we should first make utmost effort from our side and only then leave it for His Mehar. But if we just depend on His Mehar, He will not help us. It is perfectly true that God helps those who help themselves.

In this connection Bhai Gurdas Ji says very beautifully:
Charan saran gur ek paindaa jaae chal,
Satgur kot paindaa aagay hoi let hai.

It means that when a Sikh puts one step towards his Satguru, then He comes out to welcome him even by traveling a hundred thousand steps. In these days the Sikhs are very clever and they say “Dear Guruji we do not understand that if you can travel such a long distance then where is the difficulty in coming one step further?” We must understand that one step from our side is a “must” or compulsory because it means that we are serious and willing to do whatever we can from our side.

Secondly, we must develop good friendly relation with Waheguru and for this purpose it is important that we make our friend either like us or we become like him. As Waheguru cannot be changed we have to become like Him. It means we should try to understand and follow His virtues. In Gurbani, Waheguru is mentioned as our Father, Mother, Protector and by many other such names. He is the cause of our birth; He nurses us, protects us and does everything that parents do for their children. Gurbani explains:

Toon meraa pitaa toon hai meraa maataa
toon meraa bhandap toon meraa bharaataa.
– Guru Granth Sahib, p 103

When we realize this everlasting relation of ours with Waheguru, we can have full faith in Him and accept whatever sukh or dukh we receive from Him happily without any complaints. We should adopt the good qualities of dheeraj (patience), santokh (contentment), dayaa (sympathy) and nimarta (humility), try to rid ourselves of the major enemies like kaam (lust), karodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and hankaar (ego) and concentrate on doing Nitnam and Simran regularly.

It is a fact that when we are deprived of Mehar it is due to our mistake but when we attain it, it is because of Him only. So try to understand that we attain through Him, and loose through our own mistakes. It is imperative to remember “If ‘I AM’ losing, it is ‘I AM’ who is wrong but if ‘I AM’ gaining, it is entirely His Grace”. This way our Haumai will not be fattened and he who has no Haumai finds that God is within him.

When any Bhagat is united with God he feels that the rewards he gets are too much as compared with the time he devotes on his Bhagati. He is filled with thanks to Waheguru but like a dumb person he can only enjoy the sweetness but cannot express its taste. So Bhagat will whole heartedly say that whatever satisfaction he has obtained, is not the reward of his mehnat (hard work) but is His rehmat (grace).



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