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Connecting Dots in the Sikh History is a commendable effort by Sardar Harbans Singh Noor to provide ready reference to material accounts to the lay reader and researcher of events which changed the geo-historical contours not only of the land of Five Rivers, but the entire south Asia. When Sardar Harbans Singh Noor proposed that his work be published by the Institute of Sikh Studies, the idea was welcome as it would provide handy access to the happenings of tremendous importance to persons interested to acquaint themselves with the occurrences of far-reaching impact for the region.

I appreciate Sardar Harbans Singh Noor for his scholarly efforts. Dr Kharak Singh, the eminent scholar and Editor of the Abstracts of Sikh Studies, has handled this work tirelessly with his marvelous deftness. He has very graciously brought to bear his immense scholarship and organistional acumen in the pithy introduction to this book.

I express my sincere thanks to the learned writer Sardar Harbans Singh Noor, gracious Dr Kharak Singh and my honourable colleagues of the Institute of Sikh Studies for production of this compact work which will serve as a useful piece of information concerning some important phases of history of Punjab.

I shall be failing in my duty, if I do not record my sincere appreciation of the efforts put in by Dr Birendra Kaur, Sardar Ishwinder Singh and Sardar Inderjit Singh in giving the book its final shape, and thanks to Jaswant Singh and Ramesh Kumar who worked overtime ungrudgingly to complete the assignment in time.

Gurdev Singh
Institute of Sikh Studies

Date : October 24, 2004 President
Place : Chandigarh



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