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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



Tribute to Banda Singh Bahadur

Gudrun Sumit Kaur


History books tell me,
That you killed Wazir Khan to revenge the Sahibzadas.

This you did not do!

You killed Wazir Khan,
To uproot evil and end tyranny.

A Khalsa fights out of love, for the Guru’s cause;
His mission knows not anger nor hatred.

You pardoned those who sought forgiveness,
And touched not the mosques nor temples.

You gave land to the tillers;
You made leaders of dregs.

You established the first Khalsa Raj;
You were a just ruler.

You struck coin in the name of the Guru,
And your seal drew authority from the Guru.

You truly were the Guru’s Banda,
And you proved worthy of your title ‘Bahadur’.

In spite of inhuman torture, you died with dignity,
And martyred for righteousness.

Banda Singh ji, you fought, ruled and died a Saint-Soldier.



ęCopyright Institute of Sikh Studies, 2011, All rights reserved.