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Gur Panth Parkash

Gur Panth Parkash
by Rattan Singh Bhangoo
Translated by
Prof Kulwant Singh



On the ISC Front

Lt Gen Kartar Singh

The last quarter has indeed been a happy one with efforts and hard work to make our Quarterly Executive Committee Meeting and the Annual General Meetings more fruitful. These were indeed satisfying events. Attendence was good and we had learned and revered leaders of some active Sikh Sansthas, who had worked with us, attending our AGM. That was indeed most rewarding. We are happy that the very active UK Lawyer member, Bibi Manjinder Kaur addressed the audience.

Our Activities

Coaching Centres:
The Mukandpur Coaching Centre has moved in to the ASSM High School's new and well equipped Building Complex. This was necessitated by the increased admission and popularity of both the ASSM School and College. We can proudly claim that ISC has played a very important role in this regard as conveyed to us by Principal Gurjant Singh  of the ASSM college and their very wise and outstanding Chairman Dr. Sardara Singh Johl, Padma Bhusan.

The centre at Moga is picking up and improving each year. Availability of volunteer capable staff is improving gradually and results are now encouraging. The Coaching Centre at Hoshiarpur is definitely on the upward swing. Principal Mrs. Kiranpreet Kaur Dhami attended our AGM and is very keen to put it on a strong footing. We plan to give them full support this year by providing  top Coaching Material, and bring them to a high level after regular visits, contribution and motivational sessions.

 Uplift of Needy Students
The ISC has helped many students to complete Nursing, B.Ed and Skills training at various places. Two boys are nearing completion of MBBS course, and Charted Accounts Coaching. This year they have been fully supported for all expenses by a very benevolent ISC member. We are now supporting " Guru Asra Foundation " Mohali by adopting two orphans who have completed 10+2 studies. They  are into advance Skill Training in Guru Nanak VBT  at Mohali and making good progress. We shall soon be increasing the attendance of students for skill training from our village training centres. This is the best way to ensure employment for village students who give up higher studies.

Scholarship Scheme for Minorities.
This was indeed a super year for the ISC. Online cheques in the name of Post Matric students started reaching them direct from the Centre, starting 15 Feb 2014 for the year 2014-15. We expect distribution of 220 Crores in total to Pre-Matric as well as Post-Matric students within  Mar- Apr. However a huge effort by ISC is taking place to push this by sending our Field Workers to District Education Officers (DEO's) to expedite delivery and also correct mistakes. A huge effort is also required to again push Schools and Colleges to start filling scholarship forms for next year. We are continuing our close co-ordination with the Punjab Govt. Minority Cell in Chandigarh.

Financial aid at Par with UGC/Net through Maulana Azad Foundation:
Rs.6000/- per child per year for the classes. To apply once in class 11th on the basis of class 10th marks.
Meritorious Scholarships for girls students for class 11th and 12th (Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme).

(a)   Items 2 & 3 i.e Post Matric and MCM Scholarships have been distributed online in Feb/Mar 2014.
(b)   Out of 141 crore in item S.No.1, Rs 40 crore has been released and distributed.
This year we are going to allot Mansa District our special attention as they are far behind in utilizing this scheme. Our target this year is to get increased aid of upto Rs.250 Crores, as queries coming in indicate the need to do so.

Visit to Villages
We visited Guru Harkrishan Public School Talwandi Khajur, Hoshiarpur for starting classes for entrance examination to Bhai Jaita Ji Trust. This trust, in co-oporation with ISC, is running a two year course to prepare children for IIT and All India PMT.

Second visit was to Akal Jot school and college at Khanori, Distt Patiala to organize a coaching cum counseling centre. They desired that we help them set up and support this. ISC has decided to seriously consider their request and help them in full.

Annual General Body Meeting 17 March 2015
This was held in Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan in Sector 28 A, Chandigarh. The   hall on the ground floor was fully occupied. We heavily regret the inability of our brilliant and devoted Convenor Dr. Sardara Singh Johl, Padma Bhusan to attend, as he felt indisposed, he  could not make it from Ludhiana. Dr. Johl has never missed any of our meetings in spite of his important assignment as Chancellor Central University, Bhatinda and his many  consultative trips to New Delhi. However our worthy Co-Convenor S. Gurdev Singh, IAS(Retd.), President , Sikh Education Society was in the Chair. Distingushed invitees included the following:-

(a)   S. Gurcharan Singh, President, Baba Makhan Shah Lubhana Foundation, Chandigarh.
(b)   Bhai Jaswinder Singh Khalsa, Chairman, Sikh Multiversity, Ludhiana.
(c)   S. Charanjit Singh, Chief Representative, New Delhi.
(d)   Bibi Manjinder Kaur, Prominent  Lawyer and Director, United Sikh, USA.
(e)   S.J.S. Ahluwalia, Chief Income Tax Commissioner(Retd.)

The ISC is well on its way working towards the uplift of our rural Areas in all aspects of Education leading to increased employment oppurtunities for our next generation. We are confident that we, along with our Cooperating Organisations and personalities will soon place Punjab on a progressive path for educational and social uplift. We request readers to join in whatever way they think fit.


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