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Khalsa Mystique

Principal Sadhu Singh

The dictionary meanings of Mystique are incommunicable quality, esoteric character of a person, institution, etc., caused by popular devotion and veneration; secret known only to inspired practioners. In the march of civilization one observes that the Muslims could conquer vast territories because they had faith in the mystique of the Prophet Mohammed. The Christians having faith in the mystique of Jesus bore all sorts of atrocities at the hands of Romans. The Sikhs imbued in the mystique of Gurbani and Amrit defied the most powerful Mughal Empire against injustice and atrocities against the helpless. With leaders of political sagacity, they dared much and endured more as few other communities in the world could do with higher cerebral attainments. Their faith in the Khalsa Mystique was unparalleled and unshakable. The immensity of sacrifice in human suffering made by the Sikhs to gain mastery over their homeland is beyond words. At the most modest estimates, four lakhs men, women and children have laid down their lives between the creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh and the year 1995.

Anyone who believes in the bani of the Sikh Gurus and follows the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib is a Sikh. Someone who partakes of Khande Ka Pahul and follows the Sikh Rehat Maryada is a Khalsa. The most conspicuous quality of the Khalsa is that he/she pledges his / her body, mind and wealth to the Guru. He/she is ever ready to sacrifice their all for a righteous cause. What is the secret of the Khalsa? What is the mystique of the Khalsa? How does this transformation or metamorphism take place? These questions require in-depth examination.

The Khalsa revealed by Guru Gobind Singh is a unique phenomenon in the ever marching civilization of the world. When six generations of the great Mughals had ruled over Hindustan and the Islamic rulers had converted most of the Hindu population to Islam and inflicted inhuman atrocities on them, then Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa in 1699. The Khalsa struggled not only for their own freedom but also guided and paved the way of freedom for all the downtrodden peoples of the world. The creation of the Khalsa raised the morale of the society and invigorated the helpless people. Centuries of Mughal rule was brought to an end by the Khalsa. After the downfall of the Mughal rule the Khalsa and the people of India could have established their own rule but this was sabotaged by the vested interests. However, the Khalsa Kesri Nishan fluttered from Tibat to Kabul with the Khalsa’s own enterprise and power. Unfortunately, the traitors for the grants of power and pelf from the British Imperialists betrayed the Khalsa and brought to an end the Khalsa Raj.

Who is the Khalsa and what sterner stuff is he made of? What is his mission and why he is always restless? In order to understand the answers to the above mentioned questions and unique characteristic personality of the Khalsa one has to delve deeply into the philosophy and personality of Guru Gobind Singh. According to Guru Sahib the fountainhead of the power of the Khalsa is Akal Purakh, the Timeless Lord. Anybody who is always in unison with Akal Purakh, does not care for other creeds and is an ambassador of God on this earth. One can imagine how great is the Khalsa:

jwgq joiq jpY ins bwsur eyk ibnw mn nyk n AwnY ]
pUrn pRym pRqIq sjY bRq gor mVI mt BUl nw mwnY ]
qIrQ dwn dieAw qp sµjm, eyk ibnw nih eyk pCwnY ]
pUrn joq jgY Gt mYˆ, qb Kwls qwih nKwls jwnY ]

Special benedictions have been bestowed upon the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Sahib’s personality lives in the Khalsa. The second important characteristic of the Khalsa is ardent devotion to Gurbani. Akal Purakh ordained to bring into existence the Khalsa and Guru Sahib brought into existence the Panth and the institution. Guru Sahib proclaimed that the Khalsa was his own special embodiment. For this very reason one has to understand fully the various prominent characterstics of Guru Sahib’s personality. Guru Sahib noticed the spark of God in the Khalsa and Bhai Nand Lal observed the same spark in the personality of Guru Gobind Singh. Bhai Nand Lal mentions the salient features of Guru Sahib’s personality – King of Kings, Ocean of Compassion, Lord of all benedictions, brilliance of Akal Purakh’s light and his enemies also praise him. It shows that Guru Sahib was a divine messenger, who was sent on this earth by Akal Purakh. But Guru Sahib proclaimed that he was an humble servant of Akal Purakh. His personality was a queer blend of humility and royalty. His magnetic personality brought into his contact many persons and they all were blessed. He had great influence in both the worlds and this has been acknowledged by all the high and the low:

br do Awlm dsiq gur goibµd isµG ]
jumlw aulvI psq gur goibµd isµG ]

Guru Gobind Singh has his hand of blessings and grace over both the worlds, all angels and gods are just trivial and inconsequential before Guru Gobind Singh.

It is obvious from the observations made by Bhai Nand Lal that Guru Sahib was a world leader of his times and times to come. The life of great prophets is an ideal life and it cannot be measured by the crafty worldly measures. Guru Gobind Singh completed the mission of his predecessors. The mission was to raise the morale of the centuries old slavery affected population and to follow an honourable truthful living. In order to understand the personality of Guru Sahib one should understand his vision, his spirituality and his deep devotion to Akal Purakh.

Thus, Guru Sahib was capable of accomplishing every task and he was a great help to the humble, the poor and down trodden dregs of society.

kwidry hr kwr gur goibµd isµG ]
by ksW rw Xwr gurU goibµd isµG ]

Guru Gobind Singh is capable to tackle any problem and issue, and Guru Gobind Singh is the supporter of those who do not have any support. Guru Sahib was a perfect human being who was capable of guiding and leading mankind.

The Sikh Gurus accomplished a very commendable task by awakening the social conscience of man’s obligation to society. The Sikh charter was to create Gurmukh (superman) who would face all odds in life by the strength of his character. Character building is the core issue of Sikhi. In this way the common man underwent a change and was infused with a new spirit. What has been achieved by the Sikhs so far is a miracle under the loving care and mystique of the Gurus. Their survival and success over all odds is indeed a miracle of the great Guru and the Sikh belief that the Guru is always there to help them. With the sign of the Sikh faith held aloft, they have been struggling to astonish the world. Hence, one can happily conclude that the Khalsa Mystique is an ardent faith in the benevolence of Akal Purakh, deep devotion to Gurbani and living up to the moral and ethical standards envisioned by the Sikh Gurus.


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