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The IOSS and its members keep a watch on the representation of Sikhs and Sikhism in various media. As and when any misrepresentations comes to the notice of the Institute, the matter is taken up with the concerned people and got corrected. e.g. Entries on Sikhism in encyclopaedias contained a lot of incorrect information.  The Institute took up the issue with the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the Webster’s.  The former has agreed to amend the entry in its next edition.

Attempts to confuse Sikh identity from certain quarters have been adequately dealt with by the Institute. e.g. A publication Fundamentalisms Observed brought out by the American Academy of Art and Science, Chicago, contains a lot of blatant misinformation.  A detailed note refuting the false propaganda was sent to the Editors and has also been published in our journal. Similarly, crude attacks on the authenticity of the Kartarpuri Bir and Guru Granth Sahib, engineered through hired scholars, have been exposed and repulsed.

Some chairs, created abroad with contributions from Sikhs, have been virtually hijacked.  An influential clique, known for its hostility towards Sikh religion, has manipulated to instal its own men.  As such the chairs have become seats of gross misinformation and propaganda against Sikh religion and history. The Institute is spear-heading a campaign against their sinister activities.

The Institute has been carefully watching the developments in the academic world, and warns against hostile literature, through reviews or special articles.

The Institute advises the SGPC, as well as the Government on major academic issues from time to time.  Besides, numerous enquiries from individuals and organisations have been answered.

The Institute has taken up translation of selected material into other Indian languages.  Sardar Jagjit Singh’s famous book The Sikh Revolution, has been rendered into Tamil by Dr N. Muthumohan of the Kamraj University , Madurai .  Other works which have also been translated into Tamil by him are :  Jap Ji and Sukhmani Sahib.  Translation of books into Bengali is also in hand with the help of Dr Himadri Banerjee.

Launched in March, 1996 Gurmat Chetna Lehar is aimed at bringing awareness of Sikh ideals and fighting apostasy among Sikh youth.  A number of camps have been / are being held in schools and colleges to achieve this goal.  The Institute has helped the SGPC prepare a manual called Gurmat Chetna Camp Manual for use in these camps.  The movement was started by the Institute in 1996 and was taken over by Akal Takht in 1997, and is being handled by it now.

The Institute has got its own website where latest advances in Sikh research are put up for the benefit of the Panth in general and the Sikh diaspora in particular.  Also the Institute was instrumental in arranging daily broadcast of Gurbani Kirtan from Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.

CALENDAR REFORMS (Nanakshahi Calendar)
The Institute was instrumental in having the Nanakshahi Calendar reforms implemented.

The doctrine of 'Guru Granth - Guru Panth' proclaimed by Guru Gobind Singh necessitated the setting up of an Apex body of the Sikhs through the Panth could discharge its responsibilities and exercise its authority. The IOSS spearheaded the creation of such an Apex body- The International Sikh Confederation (ISC). The ISC now operates from its own Headquarters at Plot No.1 Kendri Singh Sabha, Sector 28/A, Chandigarh. It also has chapters in other big cities of Punjab.




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